Nursing Homes - Women's Health Issues

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Nursing Homes (see Health and Long Term Care)
Occupational Health/Worker Safety
A Brief Overview of New York State Graduated Driver Licensing Law – New York State Booklet 6580 English
A Brief Overview of New York State Graduated Driver Licensing Law – Long Island Booklet 6581 English
A Brief Overview of New York State Graduated Driver Licensing Law – New York City Booklet 6582 English
Attention Farm Families: Be Alert, Be Safe Flier 2701 English
Attention Farm Families: Protect Your Ears Flier 2702 English
Latex Allergy Brochure 1454 English
Lead on the Job: A Guide for Workers Booklet 2543 English
2582 Spanish
All About Calcium Supplements Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1980 English
Calcium Worksheet Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1981 English
Calcium and Healthy Bones Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1982 English
Cancer and Your Bones Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1983 English
FDA Medications and Preventions Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1984 English
Osteoporosis and Steroids Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1985 English
Osteoporosis and Low Bone Mass Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1986 English
Smoking and Your Bones Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1987 English
Risk for Osteoporosis Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1988 English
Overview of Osteoporosis and Treatment for Adults Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1989 English
Osteoporosis and Adults with Disabilities Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1990 English
Vitamin D and Your Bones Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1991 English
Strong Bones for You and Your Baby Fact Sheet (Web Only) 1992 English
Bone Mineral Density Testing Fact Sheet (Web Only) 2045 English
Keeping Your Bones and Teeth Strong for Life Fact Sheet (Web Only) 2046 English
`Facts about Osteoporosis Fact Sheet (Web Only) 2047 English
Diabetes and Your Bones: Get the Facts Fact Sheet (Web Only) 2048 English
Eating Disorders and Your Bones: Get the Facts Fact Sheet (Web Only) 2049 English
Your Broken Hip: Get the Facts Fact Sheet (Web Only) 2050 English
Men and Osteoporosis: Get the Facts Fact Sheet (Web Only) 2051 English
A Mother's Right to Breastfeed Palm Card 4311 English
4312 Spanish
4313 Chinese
Breast is Best - Unless You Have HIV Poster 9246 English
9247 Spanish
Breastfeeding Log 4288 English
4289 Spanish
4290 Chinese
4291 Russian
Breastfeeding Support at NYSDOH Brochure 3900 English
Breastfeeding Your Baby: Simply the Best Brochure 2961 English
2962 Spanish
Pocket Guide 2963 English
Every Mother's Breastfeeding Plan is Different Poster 2966 English
This Healthcenter Supports Exclusive Breastfeeding Poster 2965 English
You are the Key to Our Clients' Breastfeeding Success Poster 2964 English
Early Prenatal Care Poster 6010 English
6011 Spanish
How to Have a Healthy Baby Brochure 2949 English
2950 Spanish
If You Do Drugs, Your Baby's Health Can Go Up in Smoke Poster 4031 English
Important News for Pregnant Women (prenatal HIV testing) Brochure 9216 English
9217 Spanish
9218 French
9219 Chinese
9220 Vietnamese
9221 Russian
Important News for Pregnant Women and New Mothers (newborn HIV testing) Brochure 9257 English
9258 Spanish
9259 French
9260 Chinese
9261 Vietnamese
9262 Russian
9346 Creole
Maternity Information - Childbirth Services Brochure 2901 English
2902 Spanish
2903 Simplified Chinese
2904 Russian
2905 Korean
2906 Italian
2907 Haitian Creole
My Health Services Planner Flier 2016 English
2017 Spanish
NYS Laws Support Your Decision to Breastfeed Brochure 4346 English
4349 Spanish
4350 Chinese
4351 Russian
Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP) Brochure 6000 English
6001 Spanish
6002 Korean
6003 Haitian-Creole
6004 Chinese
6005 Hindi
6006 Arabic
6007 Russian
The Art of Mothering... Breastfeed Your Baby Poster 2911 English
Welcome to Parenthood Booklet 2940 English
2941 Spanish
Your Guide to a Healthy Birth Booklet 2935 English
2952 Spanish
Bat Awareness Tips Brochure 3022 English
Protect Your Cat From Rabies Poster 3002 English
Protect Your Pet Poster 3021 English
Rabies Fact Sheet 3010 English
Rabies Bookmark 3011 English
3012 Spanish
Rabies - It's No Way For a Friend to Die Poster 3019 (Husky)
3020 (Retriever)
Your Dog or Cat Trusts You - Questions & Answers About Rabies Brochure 3017 English
Sanitation and Pest Control
Anvil and Mosquito Control Flier 2738 English
Get Rid of Cockroaches Brochure 3202 English
3212 Spanish
Malathion and Mosquito Control Flier 2740 English
Mouse Control Brochure 3206 English
3205 Spanish
The Rat Brochure 3209 English
3210 Spanish
Reducing Pesticide Exposure Brochure 2723 English
Scourge and Mosquito Control Flier 2739 English
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Bacterial Vaginosis Brochure 3831 English
3832 Spanish
Be Tested...Be Treated...Be Cured (Syphilis) Card 3811 English/Spanish
Poster 3812 English
3813 Spanish
Chlamydia Brochure 3835 English
3836 Spanish
Diseases that Can Be Spread During Sex Brochure 3805 English
3806 Spanish
Expedited Partner Notification (Partner Version) Fact Sheet 3845 English
Expedited Partner Notification (Partner Version) Fact Sheet 3846 Spanish
Expedited Partner Notification (Patient Version) Fact Sheet 3847 English
Expedited Partner Notification (Patient Version) Fact Sheet 3848 Spanish
Expedited Partner Notification (Provider Version) Fact Sheet 3849 English
Genital Herpes Brochure 3801 English
3809 Spanish
Genital Warts Brochure 3837 English
3838 Spanish
Gonorrhea Brochure 3802 English
3803 Spanish
It's Time to Wake Up! (Gonorrhea) Flier 3820 English/Spanish
Guiding Principles for Adolescent Sexual Health Booklet 0206 English
Kiss and Tell (Syphilis) Poster 3817 Spanish
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Brochure 3804 English
3810 Spanish
4 STD Palm Card (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV, Syphilis) Card 3827 English
3829 Spanish
Syphilis Brochure 3807 English
3808 Spanish
Syphilis Isn't Serious? (for STD Clinics only) Poster 3819 English
Syphilis Palm Card Card 3828 English
3830 Spanish
Trichomoniasis Brochure 3839 English
3840 Spanish
What You Need to Know About the Links Between HIV & STDs Brochure 0247 English
Yeast Infection (candidiasis) Brochure 3833 English
3834 Spanish
Smoking and Tobacco Use
A Guide to the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act Web Only 3402 English
A Tip From A Former Smoker - James Web only Poster 10921 English
10923 Spanish
A Tip From A Former Smoker - Wilma Web only Poster 10929 English
10931 Spanish
A Tip From A Former Smoker - Jessica Web only Poster 10925 English
10927 Spanish
A Tip From A Former Smoker - Beatrice Web only Poster 10917 English
10919 Spanish
Sale of Bidi's Poster 3495 English
Sale of Cigarettes Web only Poster 3451 English
3452 Spanish
Sale of Gutka Web only Poster 3484 English
Secondhand Smoke Kills Web only Brochure 3408 English
Smoking Causes 16 Types of Cancer – Bladder Cancer Web only Poster 3464 English
Smoking Causes 16 Types of Cancer – Colon Cancer Web only Poster 3565 English
Smoking Causes 16 Types of Cancer – Stomach Cancer Web only Poster 3563 English
Summer Camps
Children's Camps in NYS Brochure 3601 English
Teen Health
Anabolic Steroids and Sports Booklet 1210 English
1242 Spanish
Condom Comebacks/ Things to Do Instead of Doin' It Wheel 9194 English
9210 Spanish
Everybody's Not Doin' It Poster 9231 English
Speak Early, Speak Often (Teen Driving Safety) Poster 3073 English
3076 English
Talk to Me (Teen Sexuality) Booklet 1109 English
Ticks, Mosquitoes and Other Parasites
Do Mosquitoes Love Your Home and Yard Fact Sheet (online only) 2747 English
Dress to Repel Flier 2714 English
2816 Spanish
Poster 2761 English
2817 Spanish
Mosquitoes! & West Nile Virus Brochure 2731 English
2732 Spanish
2734 French
2756 Chinese
2760 Russian
A Guide for Preventing Lyme Disease Brochure 2813 English
2814 Spanish
Additional West Nile virus and Lyme Disease publications can be found on the New York State Health Department website at:
HIV Double Trouble Poster 3715 English
Information on TB Brochure 3701 English
3743 Spanish
3744 Russian
3746 Creole/Haitian
3747 Serbo-Croatian
3748 Urdu
3749 Polish
Information on TB For Criminal Justice Workers Brochure 3703 English
Information on TB For Healthcare Workers Brochure 3704 English
TB Vaccine (BCG): What You Should Know Flier 3730 English
Think TB! Poster 3716 English
You Can Beat TB Disease! 3708 English
3750 Spanish
3752 Arabic
You Can Beat TB - Latent TB Infection (LTBI) 3742 English
3757 Spanish
3763 Polish
WIC (Women, Infants, Children)
WIC Acceptable Foods Card Brochure 4605 English
3885 Arabic
3886 Bengal
3887 Burmese
4024 Chinese
3888 Farsi
4026 French
4029 Haitian Creole
3889 Hindi
4027 Italian
3890 Karen
4028 Korean
3891 Nepali
3892 Polish
4025 Russian
3894 Somali
4022 Spanish
3895 Turkish
3896 Urdu
3893 Vietnamese
WIC Check Handout Flier 3771 English
3772 Arabic
3773 Bengali
3774 Burmese
3775 Chinese
3776 Farsi
3777 French
3778 Haitian Creole
3779 Hindi
3780 Italian
3781 Karen
3782 Korean
3783 Nepali
3784 Polish
3785 Russian
3786 Somali
3787 Spanish
3788 Turkish
3789 Urdu
3790 Vietnamese
Women's Health Issues
Are You or Your Baby Safe? Brochure 4605 English/Spanish
Brochure (Printable one-sided) 4605 English
Brochure (Printable one-sided) 4605 Spanish
Emergency Contraception: What You Need to Know Brochure 2018 English
2018 Spanish
2019 Russian
2020 Chinese
2021 Arabic
2022 Haitian Creole
2023 Korean
2024 Vietnamese
Emergency Contraception for Rape Survivors Brochure 2006 English
2007 Spanish
2008 Chinese
2009 Korean
2010 Creole
2011 Hindi
2012 Arabic
2013 Russian
Hysterectomy Booklet 1421 English
1423 Spanish
1424 Chinese
1425 French
No One Deserves to be Abused Poster 4603 English
Perinatal Depression Flier 2014 English
2015 Spanish
The Breastfeeding Bill of Rights Brochure 2028 English
2029 Spanish
2030 Italian
2031 Creole
2032 Russian
2033 French
Publications Catalog Catalog 4208 English