Adult Care Facilities/Assisted Living

Adult Care Facilities (ACF) provide long-term, non-medical residential services to adults who are substantially unable to live independently due to physical, mental, or other limitations associated with age or other factors. Residents must not require the continual medical or nursing services provided in acute care hospitals, in-patient psychiatric facilities, skilled nursing homes, or other health related facilities, as Adult Care Facilities are not licensed to provide for such nursing or medical care.

For more information about these services including assisted living, visit our page about adult care facility services.

The Adult Care Facility Centralized Complaint Intake Program's business hours are from 8:30am to 4:45pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Complaints made after hours may be left on the hotline's voicemail system and will be addressed within 1-2 business days. Please include your name, phone number (with area code), and a brief description of the issue or concern to which you called. All information provided is kept confidential.

*You have the option to remain anonymous. If wishing to remain anonymous, it is important for you to leave as much detailed information (if known) regarding the circumstances about which you are calling, such as the facility name and address, names of involved residents and staff, and date and time of the incident.


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Section 460-d (11-12) of the Social Services Law, Section 2803-m of the Public Health Law and Section 29.15(i)(1-2) of the Mental Hygiene Law prohibits social service districts and other local government entities, hospitals and inpatient facilities operated or licensed by the Office of Mental Health, Department of Correctional Services and State Division of Parole from making referrals for admission to an adult care facility on the "Do Not Refer List" (PDF).