Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems

About the Bureau

The Bureau of Emergency Medical Services is responsible for the general oversight of the EMS system statewide. It does this by providing both financial and staff support to the State EMS Council and Regional EMS Councils; coordinating and developing contracts with the EMS Program Agencies to assist in the development of local EMS systems; approving all EMT certification courses and assists in development of curricula; conducting examinations and, issuing individual EMT certification. The Bureau also administers the state aid program that provides free training leading to certification, maintains a pre-hospital care data information system for use in evaluating the quality of the system, administers the trauma program, including the State Trauma Advisory Committee, and, approves and manages a variety of legislatively and federally funded EMS grants.

2015 Spinal Protocol Update

This update is required to be completed by all New York State certified EMS providers:

The 2015 BLS Protocol update on hemorrhage control and spinal injuries is approved for 3 hours of CME (Preparatory, Trauma, or Other). If you took your quiz through Webex you must have your email from Webex showing your passing quiz score as well as your completed skills sheets on-file with your agency. No additional certificates will be published through Webex.

The recorded training session can be found by clicking this link: Webinar. This link will not provide you with the required quiz.

If you have not completed your update and quiz, you will need to go to our training site at http://training.vitalsignsconference.com. Once your account is created and confirmed via email you can access the update course at the link, "2015 BLS Update". Once you complete the update, you will receive a certificate of completion.

If you have any questions/issues please email emsmail@health.ny.gov regarding the spinal protocol update specifically. Please do not use this email address for other purposes.