Drug Take Back

Important Update

The New York State Department of Health (DOH) Drug Take Back (DTB) Operators, Inmar Rx Solutions, Inc. and MED-Project, LLC, have a coordinated single website and dedicated call center. These resources can be used to find convenient locations with secure disposal drop-off locations or to obtain mail-back supplies for the safe collection and disposal of unused covered drugs free of charge to the consumer.

For DTB locations, consumers can search medtakebacknewyork.org and put in their zip code(s). For more information or to order mail-back supplies, consumers can now call the following toll-free telephone numbers, (844) 4-TAKE-BACK or (844) 482-5322.

For more information on the Drug Take Back programs operated by Inmar and MED-Project, visit these sites:

The original press release can be found here: New York State Department of Health and Department of Environmental Conservation Announce Approval of Two Drug Take Back Programs

General Information

Pursuant to Chapter 120 Laws of 2018, the New York State Drug Take Back Act (DTB) mandates that manufacturers establish, fund, and manage a New York State approved drug take back program(s) for the safe collection and disposal of unused covered drugs. Pharmacies of ten or more establishments within NYS and non-resident pharmacies that provide covered drugs to NYS residents by mail must implement such programs by providing consumers with a pre- approved method(s) of collection and disposal, free of charge to the consumer and pharmacy.

Chapter 120 Laws of 2018 states:

  • DTB takes effect on January 6, 2019.
  • On or before February 5, 2019, wholesalers must provide a list to the Department of Health (DOH) of manufacturers that produce covered drugs sold in New York State.
  • On or before July 5, 2019, manufacturers or organizations contracted by manufacturers must submit drug take back program proposals to DOH.
  • DOH, in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), will approve or deny proposed drug take back programs within 60 days of receipt.
    • If program proposal is not approved, the applicant has 30 days to submit an amended proposal.
    • If the subsequent proposal is rejected, the manufacturer(s) shall be out of compliance with DTB.

Manufacturers Participating in a DTB Program

Participating manufacturers are required to notify the Department upon contracting with a drug take back organization which shall operate a drug take back program on its behalf.

Participating manufacturers must notify the Department in writing within 15 days of the date of the applicable action upon the following: (1) the manufacturer’s discontinuance of participation in a drug take back program; (2) the manufacturer’s changing of participation from one drug take back program to another; and (3) discontinuance of the sale of the manufacturer’s covered drugs in the state.

Information for Pharmacies

A new Subpart 60-4 outlines the role and requirements of pharmacies in the Drug Take Back Act.

For the purposes of the DTB Act, a pharmacy shall mean all pharmacies registered under section 6808 of the Education Law that are:

  1. part of a group of ten or more pharmacies under common ownership or management, or
  2. part of a group of ten or more pharmacies linked to the same company via franchise agreements; or
  3. non-resident pharmacies registered pursuant to section 6808-b of the Education Law that provide covered drugs to state residents by mail

These pharmacies must:

  • Provide for the safe collection of drugs by offering one or more of the following methods:
    • On-site collection, dropbox, or receptacle meeting federal standards
    • Mail-back collection by prepaid envelopes as authorized by federal law and regulation; or
    • Other Federal Drug Enforcement Agency approved methods of collection.
  • Provide collection at no cost to the consumer
  • Display signage advertising the availability of drug collection to consumers
  • Comply with all federal laws and regulations concerning the disposal of controlled substances.

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