Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Technical Assistance Call

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June 30, 2020


All attendees will be on mute throughout the presentation

Please send all questions to EVVHelp@health.ny.gov

Today´s Call

  • Introduction - Kiera Bentley
  • Review of Survey Results - EVV Team
  • Technical Update - Daniel Hallenbeck
  • Review of Questions - Daniel Hallenbeck
  • Open Q & A - EVV Team
  • Next Steps - Kiera Bentley


  • EVV Interface Control Document (ICD)
    • Has been posted here
    • NYSDOH will be closing the public comment period when the EVV Technical Survey closes
  • EVV Applicable Billing Codes
    • Has been posted here.
    • The purpose of this document is to inform Medicaid providers of the Personal Care Services (PCS) and associated billing codes that are subject to Federal and State Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements

EVV Survey Overview

  • Survey Monkey was used to conduct a survey of providers and vendors regarding EVV readiness from 6/1/20 through 6/19/20
    • Participants were directed to questions tailored to different respondent types
    • 266 completed the survey
  • The following Organization types responded:
    Answer Choices   Responses
    Provider 58.65% 156
    EVV Vendor 9.77% 26
    MCO 25.56% 68
    Verification Organization 0.75% 2
    Other 5.26% 14
      Answered 266

EVV Survey Overview

  • 47% of Providers that responded indicated that they are already utilizing an EVV system, or something similar, that meets the requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act
    • 25% of Providers are in the process of implementing a solution
    • 28% are currently researching options
  • 56% of Providers that indicated that they are using an EVV System, have the ability to transmit data via a web service using REST-API (Representational State Transfer- Application Programming Interface)
  • 22 out of 23 EVV Vendors indicated that they have the ability to transmit via a web service using REST-API
  • 91% of EVV Vendors indicated that they have the ability to generate an UUID/GUID while submitting EVV transactions to uniquely identify an EVV record

Technical Updates

  • Upcoming Pilot Testing
    • NYSDOH will be reaching out to a select few organizations who expressed an interest in Pilot testing via the survey and/or EVVHelp@health.ny.gov
    • Pilot testing will allow EVV Submitters to test connection and ability to transmit EVV data
  • Companion Guide
    • NYSDOH will be publishing a Companion Guide by late summer, 2020
    • Provide details on the EVV transaction to specify data content, so that it can be transmitted to the Representational State Transfer (REST)ful Application Programming Interface (API)

Review of Questions

  • The EVV Team is reviewing all questions submitted to EVVHelp@health.ny.gov
  • The team will continue to review relevant questions on upcoming TA Calls
  • If your question is not reviewed, please refer to the posted FAQs

Question and Answer

  • We will try to answer as many questions within the given timeframe
  • If your question is not answered, please send it to EVVHelp@health.ny.gov
  • To ask a question, please type question in the Chat Box
    • Please do not repeat your questions, we will do our best to get to as many as possible

Next Steps

  • Will publish additional technical documentation to the EVV Website
    • Additional version of the ICD
    • Companion Guide
    • FAQs
  • Check the website for updates
    • NYSDOH will be posting FAQ´s on a regular basis
  • Upcoming Technical Assistance Calls
    • July 14th – 2:00 – 3:00 PM
    • July 28th – 2:00 – 3:00 PM
    • Aug 11th – 2:00 – 3:00 PM

EVV Implementation Questions and Resources

EVV Help Mailbox

NYS EVV Listserv Email

Website Resources NYS DOH EVV Website