Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

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Visit Scenario Reference Sheet
This Visit Scenario Reference Sheet can be used by caregivers, provider agencies, and fiscal intermediaries as well as any other staff or administrators as a quick guide when collecting and submitting EVV data in different situations.
Visit Scenarios
  What It Is What To Do
Multiple Locations A caregiver may provide services to a member in more than one location during a visit. Caregivers: Mark start and stop locations as "Home" or "Community" as appropriate.
Multiple Clients A caregiver may provide services to more than one member in the same setting during the same visit. Caregivers: Create a unique EVV record for each member.
Multiple Services A caregiver may provide multiple services to a member during a visit. MCO Providers: When billing, submit an individual EVV record for each service provided.
Daylight Savings Time A shift may span two days during which Daylight Savings Time either begins or ends. Agencies: Report the begin and end times as you normally would. Do not adjust either the clock-in or clock-out time.
Manual Entry A visit´s data may not be electronically captured at the time the services were provided. Agencies: Enter the visit information manually and retain and maintain documentation of the reason for each manual entry.
Live-In Caregiver A member´s services may be provided by a live-in caregiver. This occurs when the caregiver´s and member´s permanent place of residence are the same. Agencies: Compile, maintain, and validate all records justifying each live-in caregiver´s EVV exemption status.
Travel A caregiver may provide services to a member while the member travels domestically within and/or out of New York State. All EVV-applicable rate and procedure codes are subject to EVV, regardless of travel circumstances.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more details in the EVV Program Guidelines and Requirements document and in the Technical User Guide. Any further technical questions may be sent to eMedNY Tier 2 Operations at emednyproviderservices@gdit.com.

All other questions may be sent to the EVV Mailbox at EVVHelp@health.ny.gov.