FAQ for Children's Services Capacity Tracker for HCBS Webinar


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Question Answer
When will the capacity tracker requirement to send HCBS data going to begin? The launch of the new system is January 31, 2022. HCBS provider will need to submit their first date report by Feburary 4th, 2022, then following Feburary 4th, the data will need to be uploaded every 3 weeks thereafter.
Are C-SPOA's able to access this capacity tracker? Not at this time. Only the HCBS Provders and the State have access.
As a CMA, are we not able to make make more than one HCBS referral for the same services to see which agency will be able to service the youth more quickly? Please talk to your lead Health Home. There shouldn't be a reason why aHHCM couldn't reach out to multiple providers to obtain a provider.
What is the referral date as this seems to calculate the number of days on a waitlist? When entering a child/youth onto the providers waitlist, the referral date is the date in which the child/youth was referred, the provider could not serve the child/youth, and therefore placed on the waitlist. If the child/youth was being assessed for services or being served, then placed on the waitlist at a later date for some reason, the referral date is the date the determination was made that the child/youth would go on the waitlist.
What about children who have been enrolled but we cannot find a worker -- or, worker resigned and we are currently recruiting. Any child/youth referred to an HCBS provider and cannot be served, should be put on the waitlist, unless otherwise directed by the referring care manager. For children/youth who were already receiving an HCBS and then something occured that services cannot continue, the HCBS provider should be working with the HHCM/C-YES and the family to determine if they should be referred to another provider or put on a temporary waitlist.
Can you enter this on a Thursday if folks are on PTO on a Friday? Information can be entered at any time during the 3 week reporting period, but is due by the final Friday at 11:59 pm.
What if you serve all children requesting service and there is no waitlist? Im guessing the waitlist is not a requirement it is just recommended. The waitlist should only be populated when there is a waitlist. If the provider has no waitlist they will only need to complete the survey information.
Will the referring CMA have access to the waitlist so we can see the status of the member? At this time CMAs will not have access to the new system, but should be communicating with HCBS Providers regularly regarding if the child/youth being served or waitlisted. Lead Health Homes and Medicaid Managed Care Plans will get a list of the waitlist each month to assist care managers.
If we remove a child from a waitlist, will we be able to access that information afterwards somewhere else? Not at this time. This can be a feature added in future releases if providers think it would be useful
Will this look the same for CFTSS programs that opt to participate now? If CFTSS providers access the system, it will be the same view as outlined for HCBS providers. CFTSS providers are not required at this time to submit a survey or their waitlist, but CFTSS services are listed in the system. CFTSS providers can enter the system and track information if they would like. HCBS providers that are also CFTSS providers can enter both set of services.
Will CMA's be able to see agencies who have services and what their waitlist look like? I have found that some HCBS providers listed on the state site no longer offer HCBS or they are "on hold" due to COVID and did not accept my referral. NYS DOH recently outreached to all HCBS providers to determine if they were actively providing services they are designated for and or able to accept referral. All HCBS providers unable to do so will be removed from the public facing list this February. If you experience this issue, please reach out to BH.Transition@health.ny.gov to inform us of the provider and service.
Health Home Care Managers will place youth on the waitlist? Only HCBS or CFTSS providers can place a child/youth on waitlist in this system, at this time.
Does the Plan automated by the CIN # update automatically if child changes insurance provider? The CIN is entered at the time the child is added to the waitlist. If the CIN changes while the child/youth is on the waitlist it will not automatically update. The provider would have to remove the previous CIN from the waitlist and re-add the child with the new CIN # to the waitlist.
Do HCBS/CFTSS providers need to have waitlist? CMs have reached out to providers they have no provides and they should try another agency. To my knowledge, HCBS providers have not offered to put members on a waitlist If your agency is not accepting the referral, they do not need to go on a waitlist. For any referrals that are accepted, but cannot be served at this time, children should go on a waitlist. This information must be shared with the care manager.
If the child is waitlisted for 3 different agencies for the same service, if one of those agencies can finally start providing that service and remove the child from the waitlist will it be removed from all other agencies It will not be removed for all agencies, but the other agencies will get a alert that the child was removed from the other provider's waitlist and the reason why. Then it is up to the other providers to communicate with the care manager and determine to remove the child from their waitlist.
Is there a go-live date planned for when HHCM CMAs will be able to access the waitlist? This doesn't seem to solve CMA stakeholders' issue of contacting providers and providing sufficient Freedom of Choice to families Future release timeline has not been determined yet. Care Managers can use the Provider Map on the DOH Website to see designated providers and which services they provide. It is required that HCBS providers and care managers communicate regarding members and services at least monthly. This system does not replace the need for providers and care managers to communicate with one another.
If the Health Home Care Manager is not adding youth to the waitlist, how would a youth be added? By the provider, after receiving a referral for services from the Health Home Care Manager.
Does the HCBS provider decide when/how long a person needs to be put on the waitlist. Yes, the HCBS provider places the child/youth on the waitlist due to a speicifc reason they are unable to serve. The child should be removed from the waitlist if the provider can serve the child or in conversation with their care manager or requested by the member/family.
The number of children served is the number of children receiving the service? Yes, the number of children served refers to the number receiving services by service type.
How often is the state map actually updated for HCBS providers? The State Map is updated monthly
How many user accounts are granted for each provider? It is recommendeed that 2-3 are set up, however if your agency is large and requires more that is allowed.
Is there a reason HHCM agencies aren't inputting their referrals in directly? possibly even able to send referrals to agencies within the system? This is the plan for a future release
I apologize if I missed this, but if our agency has different managers that oversee the same service in different counties will this deter our waitlist numbers from being correct? Each manager can adjust the waitlist inofrmation. If they select a child that already exists on the waitlist they will have the ability to edit that waitlist. Additionally, for the survey, several individuals can work on the survey prior to it being submitted.
If they moved out of state, they shouldn't be eligible so will they automatically be removed from the waitlist. If a child moves out of state and an agency has that child on their waitlist, once they update that information a notification of this will be sent to all the other agencies who have that child on their waitlist. Before removing children/youth from waitlist for other reasons then receiving the service - there should be communication with the member/family and care manager.
For how long can a client be on the waitlist? This is up to the provider, the care manager, and family based upon need and connection to other services.
Let me describe better. When a child is referred for HCBS from the care manager, is engaged by coordinator, service plan completed, and authorizations, then do they go on the waitlist if they are waiting how many days for a service provider? Some have waited just two-three weeks to get assigned a staff person. Would that mean that person should have been on the waitlist or are you thinking 30 days or more? There is no time limit for a waitlist. Waitlist should be determine by the provider with the care manager and family and connection to other services. If the HCBS provider does not have capacity to serve the member - then they should be placed on a waitlist prior to service planning, authroization, etc..
Will HCBS CFSS waitlist and CSATS waitlist auto combine once the service consolidation is approved? Yes, any services that change or get combined with be changed in the system once approved
Is there a difference between hourly respite and overnight respite waitlists on this tracker? No, there is not differentiation between respite and hourly respite in this tracker. If HCBS providers think this would be helpful then this could be a suggested change for the system
When you say only HCBS providers will have access to the waitlist, does that include CFTSS providers too? All HCBS providers will have access. Any CFTSS provider that is also an HCBS provider will have access to the tracker currently. Providers that are soley CFTSS can acces the tracker if they would like to manage their services but are not required and would have access to their waitlist as outlined.
What if we take a youth off of the watilist due to them being assigned to a provider, but then the family doesn't engage and open? The the HCBS provider and the care manager should work together to determine if the child/youth should be disenrolled from the waiver
Although not possible currently - is the plan to allow LGU/SPOA access to this tracker for the purposes of service coordination? Further discussion with stakeholders will occur to determine the future needs that can assist with streamlining processes while sharing information to encourage communcation and collaboration
So we have 1 week to add our entire waitlists into this system? Surveys are due every three weeks, with the first one due February 4th. Please reach out to BH.Transition@health.ny.gov if you think this first submission will be difficult. Remember, entering data can occur at any time during the 3 weeks prior to submission.
Will MMCP's be able to search for agencies with openings for HCBS? MMCP's are often taking the lead in assisting families and HH's to identify providers with capacity. MMCP will not have access to this tracker at this time. However, this system will assist to inform the public facing Map that is available on the ODH website
How do you volunteer to be on the team that would help to develop the Care Manager system? When beginning future releases of the tracker we will reach out to stakeholders to see the interested parties
When will the waitlist be added to HCS? The Capacity Tracker will go live on January 31st, and Provider need to enter their waitlist for the first time by Feburary 4th, 2022. Then, Provider will update their waitlist every three weeks.
what is the contact for IRAMS help and questions for Waiver Provider? Please refer to the Children's Services Capacity Tracker User Guide
Can you elaborate on the "compliance" portion of this. Will this be included in survey? Is it more of a best practice that this is maintained? HCBS providers are required to complete the survey and enter waitlist information every three weeks when notified. It is improtant to have this information to build capacity to provide services to children on waitlist. Also for required reporting to CMS. And for providers to know if the same child is on their waitlist.
I don't see the new fields on the website. Was it added automatically? This information on the website will not occur until February/March once the data has been uploaded by providers
Can larger agencies submit separate data for separate regions or is it a total for all regions? The waitlist can be managed by your regional teams individually. The survey is submitted for the total enrollment in each service across all of your regions and sites for the provider.
When you state every 3 weeks, will it be the 3rd Friday of every month? The first reporting will be due on Feb 4th and then every three weeks thereafter.