Health Homes and Special Populations

Adult Home Plus (AH+)

The Adult Home Plus (AH+) Program serves individuals transitioning to the community due to the Stipulation and Order of Settlement. These members receive intensive care management.

Health Home Plus (HH+)

The Health Home Plus (HH+) Program is an intensive Health Home Care Management service established for defined populations.

Criminal Justice

The New York State Health Home Program is working to address healthcare challenges and disparities faced by persons involved in the criminal justice system.


Housing insecurity is one of the leading social determinants of health risk factors. Housing has been shown to be an essential element of improved health and reduced utilization of costly healthcare services. Designated Lead Health Homes are expected to develop health home networks to provide members with access to housing. Health Home care managers will work with supportive housing providers to locate and provide housing as a means to facilitate access to health services and improve the health status of Health Home members.

The NYS Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) Supportive Housing Initiative funds a number of programs targeted to vulnerable high–utilizers of Medicaid. Click here for additional information on MRT Supportive Housing.