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Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) – Understanding Housing & Health Home Integration (PDF)

In partnership with the Medicaid Redesign Team Affordable Housing Workgroup, the Health Home program issued an RFA for funding to run a Supportive Housing Health Home Pilot Program. The pilot program provides rental and service subsidies for Health Home members through an increased collaboration between Supportive Housing Providers and Health Homes. All questions and comments regarding the Health Home pilot should be emailed to the health home mail box, be sure to select "Housing" subject line on the form.

The 2014 RFA information may be viewed by visiting the links below:

In addition to the Health Home pilot program there are several other MRT initiatives related to housing. The MRT Supportive Housing Initiative seeks to ensure that Medicaid members have proper housing that promotes a healthy environment and lifestyle. There are multiple MRT housing units across New York State. For more information on the various housing units visit the Department of Health´s Medicaid Redesign Team Supportive Housing Initiative website.

Governors Initiative – Press Releases

2017 list of MRT Supportive Housing Programs

MRT Supportive Housing Pilot Evaluation

MRT Housing Brochure (PDF)

MRT Affordable Housing Workgroup

The charge of the Workgroup is to evaluate New York´s current programs of supportive housing for the purpose of assuring that the availability of necessary care and services. Supportive housing will be broadly defined as any combination of market rate or subsidized housing and services that will meet the needs of the targeted populations. The Health Home program will continue to work in partnership with the Workgroup moving forward.

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