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Health Home Letter of Intent/Applications/Provider Enrollment/Application Form

1. What was the timeline and associated activities for this conversion/effort?

Health Home implementation was implemented in three geographic phases beginning in January 2012. Details regarding the timeframe and activities for implementation can be found by clicking here. Search for MRT project #89.

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2. Is the State still accepting Health Home applications?

The State is not currently accepting applications for new Health Homes. Providers of care management or other services that are interested in providing care management and related services can become a network partner of an existing lead Health Home. Interested providers can contact Designated Health Homes directly. For contact information for Designated Health Homes click here and for a list of Health Homes Designated to Serve Children click here.

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3. Could certain Health Homes be designated to enroll children and demonstrate a robust and separate sub–network for children´s behavioral health services as opposed to each network exhibiting some minimal capacity to serve children with severe emotional disturbances?

Requirements for Health Homes to serve children are currently being developed. New York State´s goal is to expand Health Home eligibility and network requirements to better serve high needs children. Existing Health Homes and new Health Homes will be eligible to apply through a formal application process. More information can be found by clicking here.

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4. Does the fact that "the NYS Medicaid program designated Health Homes that built on "current provider partnerships" mean that most or all of the designated Health Homes are existing Medicaid providers or Managed Care Plans?

No. "Current provider partnerships" is a term that the Department uses to recognize the many formal and informal relationships that exist in communities that provide medical, behavioral and social services to the Medicaid population. It is expected that Health Homes continue to build on these relationships to further develop their Health Home partner networks.

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