Expiration of Executive Order 202 Guidance for Health Homes

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To:     Medicaid Health Homes Serving Adults and Children, Care Coordination
          Organization/Health Homes and Care Management Agencies

Re:     NYS COVID-19 State Disaster Emergency, Executive Order No. 202

Date:  June 25, 2021

Effective June 24, 2021 the disaster emergency declared by the Governor in Executive Order 202 expired. This does not immediately impact the day to day operations, waivers and flexibilities granted to Health Homes. Flexibilities granted to Health Homes will continue for the duration of the federal Public Health Emergency, or until notified by the Department of Health, whichever comes first.

Health Homes, Care Management Agencies and CCO/HH should be actively working toward full reinstatement of non-emergency policy, procedures, and timelines in anticipation of the end of the federal Public Health Emergency.

The Department of Health will work closely with State Agency Partners to issues specific guidance as it relates to each flexibility granted during the Public Health Emergency. It is anticipated that providers will have at least 30 days´ notice prior to the termination of these flexibilities.

Please note the following flexibilities remain in place:

Use of Electronic Signatures
The use of electronic signatures to obtain consent will continue to be an acceptable Health Home Care Management practice permanently.

Verbal Consent
Verbal consent was permitted when all other methods were exhausted. Health Homes must work with their networks to retrain Health Home Care Managers to obtain consent either through electronic or wet signature. For those members currently enrolled with only verbal consent, Health Home Care Managers must obtain a wet or electronic signature within 60-days from verbal consent as directed on November 25, 2020.

Comprehensive Assessment and Plan of Care
Completion of the Comprehensive Assessment and Plan of Care for new members during the State of Emergency was not waived. However, the timeframe for completion was extended to 120 days. The timeframe of 120 days for completing the Comprehensive Assessment and Plan of Care will return to a period of 60 days.

Face to Face Visits
During the pandemic face to face requirements were waived in lieu of HIPAA compliant teleconferencing technologies. Additional information regarding the reinstatement of face to face requirements are forthcoming.

A complete list of all current Department-issued COVID-19 guidance documents and FAQs can be found on the Medicaid Health Homes - Comprehensive Care Management Under: IMPORTANT : COVID-19 Guidance and Updated Materials:

Please send any questions relating to this guidance to one of the following:

healthhomes@health.ny.gov – Health Home Policy (Health Homes Serving Adults)
hhsc@health.ny.gov – Health Homes Serving Children
HHIDD@health.ny.gov – CCO/HH (I/DD)