Prescriber Packet Letter September 2008

State of New York Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program
P.O. Box 15091
Albany, New York 12212-5091
Richard F. Daines, M.D., Commissioner of Health, EPIC Panel Co-Chair
Michael J. Burgess, Director, Office for the Aging, EPIC Panel Co-Chair

September 2008

Dear Prescriber:

For the past twenty years, New York State has been helping low and moderate income seniors pay for their prescription drugs. Over 300,000 non-Medicaid seniors are currently enrolled and receiving affordable drug coverage through the NYS Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Program (EPIC).

Now that Medicare includes a prescription drug benefit, most seniors are using EPIC to supplement Medicare Part D. EPIC helps these seniors pay their monthly Part D premiums, deductible and co-payments, including the Medicare coverage gap. By using Medicare and EPIC together, your elderly patients can reduce their out-of-pocket drug costs so they can better afford the medications they need.

We want to let you know about some changes we are making at EPIC starting October 1, 2008 to increase the use of the Medicare Part D drug benefit and further promote the use of generic drugs. These important measures are needed to help ensure that EPIC benefits are being provided in a cost-effective manner. The enclosed information describes these changes and explains how they will affect you and your EPIC patients. Please take this opportunity to read through this information and keep it in mind when prescribing medications for a senior with EPIC coverage.

Also, if you have an elderly patient that is struggling with drug costs, perhaps they have reached the Medicare coverage gap and are paying full price, please let them know about EPIC. They can get an application or more information by calling the EPIC Helpline at 1-800-332-3742, or visiting our website at We also would be happy to send you copies of our application so that you can provide them directly to patients who could use EPIC. You can request copies from our website or Helpline.

Thank you for helping us assure that seniors continue to receive the drugs they need, and at a reasonable price.


Julie Naglieri


L 77