Applying BASICS Part II

EDGE Goals for Caregiver Actions

The EDGE Caregiver Goals (in the chart below) demonstrate how caregivers are able to help residents experience an optimal quality of life when meeting their needs as detailed in the BASICS hierarchy. When the goals listed in the right hand column of the chart are met because of how they are cared for, they are more likely to have better days with fewer frustrations that lead to behavioral difficulties. This link to the BASICS model of need satisfaction is a method for staff to visualize how to help residents with dementia feel safe, comfortable, in control, valued, experience the right amount of stimulation and experience pleasure, as a result of the care they provide.

Goals for Caregiver Actions Under Every Level of BASICS
Goal of Caregiver Action: Supports Quality of Life in Resident by:
For the resident to feel safe. Biological Level:
meeting the need for the resident to feel protected and safe in his/her surroundings according to the resident's view of what makes him/her feel safe.
For the resident to feel physically comfortable. Biological and ADL Level:
meeting the resident's personal needs, providing assistance and resources to support his/her physical comfort.
For the resident to experience a sense of control. ADL and Societal Level:
meeting the need for the resident to have some meaningful participation in fulfilling his/her personal needs according to the resident's unique view, and at the level of his/her functional ability.
For the resident to feel valued as a person. Interpersonal:
meeting the need for the resident to experience caring for others and being cared about as someone who is important to the community in which (s)he lives.
For the resident to experience optimal stimulation. Creative:
meeting the need for the resident to express him/herself using talents, skills and remaining abilities to the highest degree possible.
For the resident to experience pleasure. Symbolic:
meeting the need for self-fulfillment and joy in celebrating his/her fundamental value as a human being at whatever level possible despite the loss of self experienced in dementia.

For examples of caregiver actions to meet resident needs using EDGE Caregiver Goals, click on each level of BASICS below:

  1. Biological (PDF, 11KB, 1pg.)
  2. Activities of Daily Living (PDF, 13KB, 1pg.)
  3. Societal (PDF, 11KB, 1pg.)
  4. Interpersonal (PDF, 12KB, 1pg.)
  5. Creative (PDF, 13KB, 1pg.)
  6. Symbolic (PDF, 12KB, 1pg.)
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