New York State Dementia Grants Program

History of the Dementia Grants Program

Since 1988, the New York State Department of Health has supported nursing homes by providing funding for research and innovative projects that aim to produce better health and quality of life for nursing home residents with dementia. Through this grant program, the Department of Health seeks to assist nursing care facilities in developing evidence-based best practices that can be replicated. Many effective and successful programs have been born out of this program.

Since the inception of the NYS Dementia Grants Program, more than 100 projects have positively impacted nursing home residents across New York State.

Dementia Grant Projects

Examples of Past Projects

  • Transformation of Environment (Eden Alternative)
  • Treatment Decisions, Healthcare Proxies, and Advanced Directives
  • Therapies, including: Music, Humor, Light, Massage, Rocking Chair, Reiki, Biking, Walking
  • Changing the Culture of Care
  • CNA Mentoring and Empowerment
  • Palliative Care
  • Depression Screening and Treatment
  • Nutrition and Averse Feeding Behaviors

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