Looking At The Quality Of Life Of Individual Residents With Dementia

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program participant will be able to:

  1. List three (3) ways to learn about the self-concept and personal preferences of a resident with dementia.
  2. Use the sample worksheet to gather information and formulate suggestions for improving quality of life for an individual resident with dementia.

Time 60 Min

Note: Some groups may take more than 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire and worksheet and to discuss them.

Suggestion: You may want to do a 2 part in-service (45 minutes each session) to allow time for staff to absorb the BASICS/Caregiver Goals concepts that the EDGE program is based on. Do the questionnaire at the first session and the worksheet on a resident at the 2nd session.

  • 10 min. - Lecture on preserving resident concept of self, autonomy and BASICS/Caregiver Goals
  • 15 min. - Ask participants to fill out questionnaire and discuss when finished
  • 20 min. - Have participants break up into groups to fill out the worksheet on a resident
  • 15 min. - Discussion of worksheets using flip chart


  1. Set up a flip chart (may use overhead).
  2. Set up the room with chairs in group settings according to size of group expected
  3. Photocopy BASICS /Caregiver Goals and ADL Caregiver Actions (PDF, 23KB, 1pg.), flip chart (PDF, 34KB, 3pg.), questionnaire, and worksheet (PDF, 44KB, 2pg.)
  4. May put enlarged copy of BASICS on an overhead while participants are doing questionnaires and worksheets.
  5. Obtain information concerning problems and successes with residents with dementia from charge nurses and caregivers on each unit. This information can then be incorporated into the lecture and discussion.
  6. Become familiar with the facility's policies concerning quality of life and related care issues of residents with dementia.
  7. Decide whether to do the in-service in one or two sessions.


  1. Give lecture. Discuss BASICS and Caregiver Goals and example of Caregiver Actions to meet goals using handouts.
  2. Break participants into pairs or small groups.
  3. Ask staff, who are not direct resident caregivers, to use the worksheets to look at the quality of life of a resident with dementia they know. Ask them to think about how they can support the resident when they are providing service.
  4. Ask participants to complete the questionnaire and worksheets individually or in pairs.
  5. Appoint a timekeeper to give a signal 5 minutes before end of each section when working on questionnaires and worksheets to allow time to finish up. If working in pairs on questionnaire give signal half way thru to switch to filling out questionnaire for the other person.

Discussion: Ask Several Questions

About Questionnaire:

  1. Did you learn anything about your self-concept and needs while completing this questionnaire?
  2. Did this help you to view your residents differently?
  3. You may go around the room and ask each participant to answer one question until all have been discussed.
  4. Ask others in the group to share their answer to question # 10 on the questionnaire?

About Worksheet:

  1. Ask each group to give you information about the resident they discussed and/or wrote on the worksheets and write it on the flip chart for discussion with the group.
  2. How do you see the resident?
  3. How does the resident like to be seen?
  4. What can the resident do? What does the resident like to do most, on his own or with limited assistance?
  5. What quality of life do you think this resident has in this setting?
  6. What do you think the resident thinks about his/her quality of life in this setting?
  7. What makes the resident happy? Unhappy?
  8. What suggestions do you have for improving or maintaining this resident's quality of life?
  9. Does anyone else in the group have any suggestions that might improve quality of life for this resident?

Example of Caregiver Actions that meet resident needs using EDGE Caregiver Goals on the ADL Level: Review each caregiver goal and caregiver action for bathing. (PDF, 11KB, 1pg.)

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