Vital Statistics of New York State

State Vital Statistics Program

The State Vital Statistics Program includes data from the official records of live births, deaths, fetal deaths, induced terminations of pregnancy/abortions, marriages and divorces/dissolutions of marriage. The Bureau of Vital Records, processes data from live birth, death, fetal death and marriage certificates recorded in New York State outside of New York City. Through a cooperative agreement, the New York State Department of Health receives data on live births, deaths, fetal deaths, induced terminations of pregnancy (abortion), marriages, and divorces/dissolutions of marriage recorded in New York City from the New York City Department of Health and on live births and deaths recorded outside of New York State to residents of New York State from other states and Canada.

Program Activities:

  • Conducts vital events surveillance, planning, policy development, program management and evaluation.
  • Produces detailed population estimates for use within and outside the Department of Health.
  • Informs and supports public health priorities and compiles data on health status and health resources. Examples include: serves as key demographic variables in the analysis of population size, growth and geographic distribution; identification and monitoring of opioid overdose deaths; and trends in fertility, natality, and mortality.
  • Develops and implements data compilation, data processing and analytical activities.
  • Provides technical assistance and consultation on vital events data and statistical analysis to internal program areas within the Department of Health.
  • Prepares and releases statewide reports on vital events within New York State.
  • Prepares the New York State Gazeteer dataset.