Reporting Requirements

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) mandates that information be posted on the Internet explaining to the general public how these federal Stimulus funds were distributed or awarded, and how and when they were spent.

A "prime recipient" is the entity -- for example, a department in New York State government, a City, or a non-profit organization -- that receives ARRA funds directly from a federal agency, such as the Environmental Protection Agency or the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services and its many sub-agencies.

Prime recipients are required by ARRA Section 1512 to report quarterly on grants received and expended. Often the prime recipient passes on the ARRA funds to other "sub-recipients" or purchases, or procures, items from "prime vendors."

Both sub-recipients and prime vendors are themselves required to submit data on expenditures, jobs and other information to the prime recipient who then gathers this information together and submits it directly to account for ARRA funds.

The Department of Health is the prime recipient for grants such as:

  • WIC – Management Information Systems
  • Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
  • Early Intervention (IDEA Part C)
  • Prevention and Wellness Grants – Including Immunization

When the Department of Health allocates funds to localities or when it contracts for services, these "sub-recipients" must submit the required data. In order to obtain the mandated data on time and to review its accuracy and completeness, sub-recipients must send information every month. This requirement is included in ARRA-specific contract language.

When the Department purchases goods, such as computers or software, these "prime vendors" are similarly required to collect data and submit it monthly, and their contracts also contain clauses describing this legal obligation.

Here are the forms that must be submitted by sub-recipients and vendors and instructions on how to complete them: