Criminal Review Process

EMS Investigations

As part of its work to enforce Public Health Law(PHL)Article 30 and Title 10 of the New York Code Rules and Regulations (Health), The Bureau of EMS investigates applicants for certification, EMS agencies, currently certified providers, course sponsors and event sponsors for compliance with applicable Law and protocol. These investigations emanate from complaints filed with the Bureau by patients, other providers, EMS agencies and the general public.

In certain instances, if the Bureau substantiates a violation, enforcement actions may be initiated. The finalization of these enforcement actions are a matter of public record. A record of finalized enforcement actions can be found at the Bureau of EMS Enforcement Actions Page.

Criminal Background Reviews

Individuals applying for certification are required to be enrolled in an EMS Certification course and file a student application (DOH-65) through an approved course sponsor. If the applicant has a criminal history that needs to be reviewed, the applicant may not sign the application. Upon receipt of the unsigned application by the Bureau, the applicant will be contacted by mail with instructions as to how to proceed.

Note to Instructors/Sponsors:

All applications should be reviewed for completeness prior to submission to the Bureau. If an unsigned application is identified, the instructor should confirm with the student that it was intentional and not an oversight. The unsigned application should then be identified to the Bureau with the normal submission of paperwork.

Note to Applicants:

No investigation will begin until receipt of an unsigned application through an approved course Sponsor. The Bureau of EMS will conduct a background review of any misdemeanor or felony level conviction from any federal, military, state or local jurisdiction. There is no need for the applicant to call the Bureau. Provided the applicant has properly filled out the application, they will receive instructions on how to proceed in the mail. Applicants may also reference Policy Statement 15-04, Certification for Individuals with Criminal Convictions.

Note to Currently Certified Providers:

Individuals that hold a current valid certification that are arrested or convicted of a crime during their certification should immediately contact their Regional EMS office for instructions.