Reciprocity Information

Important Notice

Our new mailing address is:

NYS DOH Bureau of EMS
875 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206-1388
518-402-0996 phone
518-402-0985 fax

Please direct all mailings to the new address.

If you are planning on working or attending school in New York State and you currently hold an EMS certification or license from another state or the U.S. Military you may be able to obtain a New York State Certification through the reciprocity process.

If you would like to obtain New York State Certification based on another state's certification or license or your military training please review the information below and follow the instructions. Be sure to include your proof of need. Personal checks are not accepted.

Once you have completed and filed the reciprocity application do not call the Bureau of EMS to check on the status of your application. You will receive notification in the mail when the process is complete.

Attention Reciprocity Applicants With Military Medical Training

For individuals who are or were in the military and:

  1. have completed the appropriate and approved military medical training (ie 68W) in the last 3 years and
  2. hold a current National Registry EMT credential obtained by having completed the practical skills and written examination for the current credential will be certified/recertified as a NYS EMT for the remaining time of their NREMT card.

Please Note

The correct contact information for the Massachusetts Office of EMS is as follows: MA Office of EMS, 99 Chauncy Street, 11th Floor, Boston, MA 02111. Telephone number: 617-753-7300. The contact information for MA EMS located in the Reciprocity Packet is outdated.