Information for Vendors

What is a WIC Vendor?

  • WIC vendors are grocery stores and pharmacies who are authorized to issue healthy supplemental foods to WIC participants in exchange for WIC food instruments (WIC checks) and vouchers.

What is the Role of a WIC Vendor?

Vendors play a vital role in the WIC Program by:

  • Ensuring that participants have access to safe and nutritious foods.
  • Ensuring that participants receive exactly what is prescribed on the WIC checks.
  • Respecting WIC participants and offering a positive shopping experience.
  • Offering competitive prices to help the WIC Program contain costs and reach the greatest number of eligible women, infants and children.

Interested in Becoming a WIC Vendor?

  • The NYS WIC Program contracts with Vendor Management Agencies (VMA) to enroll, oversee, train and monitor WIC vendors to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • To learn more contact a Vendor Management Agency in your region.

Important Information for Authorized WIC Vendors

Infant Formula Supplier List

  • Federal law requires WIC vendors to only purchase infant formula from a legitimate, approved supplier. The Infant Formula Supplier List offers a list of New York State approved suppliers.
  • Businesses on the list are
    • Registered with the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets (if required to have a food license), or
    • Registered with the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, or
    • Approved by another state's WIC program (if located in another state).
  • Contact your VMA with questions regarding the Infant Formula Supplier List.

WIC Acceptable Foods

WIC Check Handout

WIC Vendor Violations

  • The Bureau of Special Investigations (BSI) is an office of public health law enforcement located within the NYS Department of Health's Division of Nutrition.
  • BSI works to maximize WIC Program integrity via prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of fraud and abuse pertaining to WIC participants, vendors, local agencies, vendor management agencies and employees.
  • New York State's Fraud: It's a Trap brochure has more information.