Medicaid Redesign Team II: The FY 2021 Budget reconstitutes the MRT, bringing stakeholders who bring experience as health care providers back to the table to find solutions that will once again contain spending growth so that this critical program that provides health care to more than 6 million New Yorkers remains financially sustainable for the future. The MRT II will be charged with accelerating the strategies of MRT I that have proved successful for the last nine years while creating course corrections in order to restore financial sustainability to the Medicaid program. MRT II is charged with putting forth a plan that achieves $2.5 billion in State Medicaid savings in FY 21.


Medicaid Redesign Team Supportive Housing: The Medicaid Redesign Team Supportive Housing Initiative is an innovative approach to addressing social determinants of health by investing State only Medicaid dollars into rental subsidy, tenancy services and capital for high-utilizers of Medicaid. The programs work with health systems to create better health outcomes and reduce Medicaid costs.


NY Medicaid Population Health Symposium: The NY Medicaid Population Health Symposium was held November 18–19, 2019. The Symposium convened approximately 800 leaders and stakeholders of New York Medicaid for two days of engaging plenary, breakout, and poster presentations. The event highlighted the collaboration and integration of clinical and social care.

Call for SDH Innovations: Bureau of Social Determinants of Health, launched a new initiative to identify innovative ideas that effectively address the SDH for Medicaid members across New York State. The intent of this initiative was to solicit input from interested parties across the state and around the country. Submitted innovations were reviewed by a team of healthcare experts identified by DOH. The top 9 innovations were highlighted at a DOH sponsored SDH Innovations Summit in NYC.