MRT Phase 8 Project Status

MRT Project # Project/Task Description Status
11001 Asset Verification System (AVS) In Progress
11002 Enforce billing restriction to prevent Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Nurse–Midwives from being paid separately for practitioner claims for services provided in (Article 28) hospitals Completed
11003 HCBS Settings Statewide Transition Plan In Progress
11004 Medicaid MCO Performance Opportunity Project In Progress
11005 Best Practices in ER Diversion & Inpatient Discharge Merged w/ 11004
11006 Maximus Contract 3-year Extension In Progress
11007 Performance-based contract restructure In Progress
11008 Claims Editing Enhancements Cancelled
11009 OMIG Savings Initiatives Completed
11010 Additional Funding for VAPAP/VBP-QIP In Progress
11011 Expand Access to Assisted Living Program Services In Progress
11012 Reduce FFS/MCP Rate for Providers without VBP Contracts In Progress
11013 Hepatitis C Elimination Initiatives In Progress
  Finance and Rate Setting  
11101 Indigent Care Workgroup In Progress
11102 Quarterly Meetings on Medicaid Managed Care Rates In Progress
11103 Nursing Home 1% ATB (4 Year Payback) In Progress
11104 Convert VBP-QIP / Other Supplemental programs to Essential Plan In Progress
11105 Rebate Risk Assessment In Progress
11106 Implements a Penalty on poor performing Nursing Homes Completed
11107 Rationalize Nursing Home Case Mix Index Increases In Progress
11108 Rural County Provider funding In Progress
11109 Increase Current Penalities for Managed Care Plans that Fail to Meet VBP targets In Progress
11110 Increased MRT / Safety Net IGT In Progress
11111 Safety Net (50% Safety Net 50% CHA & SCH) In Progress
11112 Enrollment Reconciliation In Progress
  Long Term Care  
11201 Admin Rate Reduction / Regulation Relief on MLTC Plans Completed
11202 Nursing Home Three Month Carve Out Proposal In Progress
11203 Restrict LHCSA Contracts with MLTCPs Completed
11204 Restrict Members from Transfering Plans for a Period of 12 Months / MLTC Lock-In Proposal In Progress
11205 Require Continuous 120 Days of CBLTC Completed
11206 FI Marketing Restriction Completed
11207 Authorization vs. Utilization Adjustment for MLTC In Progress
11208 Social Adult Day Benefit Efficiency Savings In Progress
11209 LHCSA / FI Cost reports In Progress
11210 Oversight and Reporting on MLTC Plan ClosuresC Completed
  Program Development and Management  
11301 Congestion Surcharge for Fee-For-Service Transportation In Progress
11302 Update Professional Dispensing Fee In Progress
11303 Reduce Opiod Use by 20% by 2020 In Progress
11304 Medication Adherence In Progress
11305 Optimize Outreach Resources for High Risk Members In Progress
11306 Ensure Health Home Connectivity with RHIOs In Progress
11307 Health Home Performance Initiative In Progress
11308 Criminal Background Checks In Progress
11309 Health Home Healthy Rewards Completed
11310 Health Homes - Quality Improvements In Progress
11311 Increase annual PT visit limit In Progress
11312 Medicaid Max for Article 28 TBI waiver In Progress
11313 Reduce Overutilization of Laboratory Services Completed

Phase 8  
Cancelled 1
Completed 10
Merged 1
Included in MRT Waiver 0
Substantively Complete 0
Suspended 0
In Progress 36
Total 48*

* 75.00% Remain open