MRT Phase 6 Project Status

MRT Project # Project/Task Description Status
  Office of Primary Care & Health Systems Management  
9001 Distressed Hospital Funding Completed track through DSRIP
  Office of Public Health  
9002 End of AIDS Investment Completed
  Division of Long Term Care  
9003 Medical Respite Program Completed
  Division o f Health Plan Contracting & Oversight  
9004 MCO Penalities Completed
  Division of Finance & Rate Setting  
9101 Repatriated Patients' Data Completed
9102 Global Cap: Legislative Meetings Completed
9103 HHC/Public Hospital VBPQIP Payments Completed
9104 Uncompensated Care Completed
9105 MC/MLTC Regional Rate Adjustment Completed
9106 Pediatric Ventilator Bed Rate Increases Completed
9107 Restorative Care Unit Demonstration Program In Progress
9108 Carve Out Transportation from NH Rate Completed
9109 Reduce Managed Care Profit Cap Completed
9110 OMIG/Plan MA Fiscal Integrity Completed
9111 Office of the State Comptroller Audit Findings Completed
9112 Generic CPI Penalty Merged # 10221
9113 Accelerate RFP and Rebate Collections (FFS/MCO) Merged # 11105
9114 ACA Insurance Tax (MCO Tax) Completed
  Division of Long Term Care  
9201 Transistion of TBI/NHTD Participants to CFCO In Progress – On Hold
  Division of Program Development and Management  
9301 Waiver for Medicaid Services to Inmates Suspended
9302 Medicaid Update re: Medicare Part B Completed
9303 Health Homes for Children Start Up Costs Completed
9304 Ambulance Transportation Rate Adequacy Review Completed
9305 Opiods Hard Cap Completed
9306 Cost-sharing Limits for Medicare Part C Claims Completed
9307 Health Homes - Criminal Justice Merged #9301
9308 New Ambulette Ambulatory Fee Completed
9309 Comprehensive coverage/promotion of LARC Completed
9310 Increase Disallowance for Early Elective Deliveries Completed
9311 Continued Medicaid Coverage Review In Progress
9312 Claim Extra 1% FMAP for US Preventative Completed
9313 FUL Federal Revision Completed

Phase 6  
Cancelled 0
Completed 25
Merged 3
Substantively Complete 0
Suspended 1
In Progress 3
Total 32*

* 12.50% Remain open