Interim Access Assurance Fund (IAAF)

Interim Access Assurance Fund (IAAF) 10 - Day Reports

In accordance with the waiver amendment Special Terms & Conditions (STCs) the State is required to, within 10 days of initiating Interim Access Assurance Fund (IAAF) payments, submit a report to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that states the total amount of the payment or payments, the amount of FFP that the state will claim, the source of the non-Federal share of the payments, and documentation of the needs and purposes of the funds to assure CMS of non-duplication. The report must include all other Medicaid payments (e.g. base, supplemental, VAP, DSH) the provider receives to demonstrate that existing payments are not sufficient to meet financial needs of the providers.

Final Application Documents

Applications Due: May 30, 2014, by 3:00 p.m.

The Interim Access Assurance Fund (IAAF), part of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP), is a grant program authorized under the recently approved $8 billion Medicaid 1115 waiver. Its purpose is to assist safety net hospitals in severe financial distress and major public hospital systems to sustain key health care services as they participate with other providers to develop proposals for systems of integrated services delivery to be funded and implemented under the DSRIP.

The temporary funding available through the IAAF will enable recipient hospitals to work toward sustainable operations and, to maintain critical services to their community as they work with other partner providers to develop integrated Performing Provider Systems (PPS) eligible for DSRIP funding.

There is a total of up to $500 million available for IAAF payments. The projected funding is split into two pools: $250 million for safety net hospitals and $250 million for large public hospitals.

IAAF Awards

IAAF awards made by the DOH to safety net hospitals and public hospitals are available on our IAAF Awards page.

Contact Name & Address:

Christopher Delker
Division of Planning and Licensure
New York State Department of Health
Corning Tower, Room 1805
Albany, NY 12237

Safety Net Hospitals Large Public Hospitals
  • Public Hospital defined as a general hospital operated by a county or municipality, but not by a public benefit corporation
  • Federally Designated Critcal Access Hospital (CAH)
  • Federally Designated Sole Community Provider (SCP) Hospital
  • Hospital meeting at least one of the following two (2) requirements:
    1. Medicaid, Uninsured or Medicaid Dual eligible patients comprise at least 35% of all outpatient visits and Medicaid, Uninsured or Medicaid Dual eligible patients comprise at least 30% of all inpatient discharges.
    2. Provided services to at least 30% of the Medicaid, Uninsured or Medicaid Dual eligible population residing in the target county or counties.
  • Erie County Medical Center
  • Health and Hospitals Corporation
  • SUNY Medical Centers
  • Nassau University Medical Center
  • Westchester Medical Center
Key Documents
Electronic Submission of Applications:

Although the draft application materials issued for comment on May 14 stated that applications were to be submitted in hard copy and on flash drives, this procedure has been changed to require the submission of applications electronically. Accordingly, applicants should submit their Word and Excel application documents directly to by the date and time indicated. Pages requiring signatures and notarization may be scanned.

Final Solicitation and Forms (DOC, 101KB) Final Solicitation and Forms (DOC, 90KB)
Budget Spreadsheet - Revised 5/23/2014(XLS, 56KB) Budget Spreadsheet - Revised 5/23/2014(XLS, 56KB)
Budget Spreadsheet Instructions (PDF, 86KB) Budget Spreadsheet Instructions (PDF, 86KB)
FAQs (PDF, 80KB) FAQs (PDF, 80KB)
Reporting Spreadsheet (XLSM, 160KB) and Instructions (PDF, 299KB) Reporting Spreadsheet (XLSM, 160KB) and Instructions (PDF, 300KB)
Webinar Information
  Application Webinar: IAAF Process for Safety Net Hospitals
Date: Monday, May 5, 2014 2:00 pm

View the archived webinar (YouTube)

Webinar Presentation 5/5/2014 - Revised (PDF, 696KB)

Application Webinar: IAAF Process for Large Public Hospitals
Date: Thursday, May 8, 2014 10:30 am

View the archived webinar (YouTube)

Webinar Presentation 5/8/2014 (PDF, 571KB)