IAAF Awards

DOH has awarded $500 million from the Interim Access Assurance Fund (IAAF) to 27 safety net hospitals and five major public hospital systems. The awards will assist the selected hospitals in sustaining key health care services as they participate with other providers in the development of proposals for systems of integrated services delivery to be funded and implemented under the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program. The temporary funding available through the IAAF will enable recipient hospitals to work toward sustainable operations and maintain critical services to their communities as they develop, with other providers, integrated Performing Providers Systems (PPS) to be supported by DSRIP funds.

The Department evaluated applications from safety net hospitals based on established eligibility criteria consistent with the goals of the program and with federally approved terms and conditions for DSRIP. These included Federal designation as a Critical Access Hospital, the degree to which the hospital served Medicaid and uninsured individuals, and the hospital's overall financial health. Award amounts were based on the review of the individual applications, including discussions with individual applicants, and the total amount of requested funding.

More information is available on the Interim Access Assurance Fund (IAAF) webpage.