Obtaining Access to the DSRIP Tools (New PPS)

New PPSs (not awarded Design Grant funds) may need to either establish a HCS Director/Coordinator or have the account reset if the Coordinator is disabled or expired. If you do not know your HCS Coordinator, please call the Commerce Accounts Management Unit (CAMU) at 1–866–529–1890 option 1 (M–F 8am–4:45pm). Once you have an active coordinator, please follow the "Setting up HCS user accounts" directions posted in Obtaining Access to the DSRIP Tools (Existing PPS).

If you do not yet have a HCS Director or Coordinator:

Steps to begin a HCS account:

  1. Determine if you will be a Director or HPN Coordinator. One each should be selected.
  2. Complete the information in the attached HCS Account Request form and return it directly to DSRIP@health.ny.gov.
  3. Once the account request is entered into the HCS system, the Director and Coordinators will receive and email from Health Commerce with documents attached.
  4. The Director and Coordinators must read and complete the form with a notarized signature, and return the documents to the address on the forms.
  5. To expedite the request:
    1. Overnight (FedEx, UPS, etc.) the original signed and notarized form to the address provided in the lower left of the form (keeping a copy for yourself).
  6. A PIN letter will be sent from Health Commerce when the forms are received and the account is set up.
  7. The Director and Coordinators must then sign into the account to complete activating the account.
  8. Open the link "Adding users" and follow the instructions on the "Setting up HCS user accounts" attachment.
  9. HCS Account Request Form (PDF)

If you have an HCS account with a disabled/expired coordinator:

HCS Coordinators with accounts listed as either "Disabled" or "Expired" in the HCS system must be reset to become "active". To reset an "expired" account, simply log into HCS again. To reset a "disabled" account, you must contact the Commerce Accounts Management Unit (CAMU) at hinhpn@health.ny.gov or call CAMU at 1–866–529–1890, and select option 1.