Obtaining Access to the DSRIP Tools (Existing PPS)

Existing PPSs (Design Grant awardees) should already have an active HCS Director, Coordinator, and (up to) two users with HCS accounts to complete the DSRIP Network Tool. The PPS´s Primary Contact should take the following steps to designate up to five HCS users for the upcoming Project Plan Application.

Setting up HCS user accounts:

If the proposed user has a NYS DMV Driver License or a NYS DMV Non-driver photo I.D.:

  1. Follow the instructions in the attached PDF titled "Paperless HCS User Account Request Steps." (PDF, 85KB, 1pg.)
  2. Check to make sure you can sign in to the HCS.
  3. Email the Department after you've received the confirmation email with the HCS I.D. assigned to the individual requesting an account which will be generated when a HCS user account is initiated. Use the DSRIP Mailbox: DSRIP@health.state.ny.us with a subject line of "DSRIP HCS Users." Include the following information for the individuals that will be accessing the DSRIP Online Provider Network:
    • First & Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • HCS I.D.
  4. The Department will process the information and grant access to HCS users. This may take a few business days. Once the Department has processed your information access to the MAPP will become available when you log in to the HCS.

If the proposed user does not have a NYS Driver License or a NYS DMV Non-driver photo I.D.:

As part of our continuing effort to improve the Health Commerce System (HCS) and make it easier for customers to obtain user accounts, starting 2/17/15, potential users will be able to use the paperless process to create user accounts for those that do NOT have a NYS Driver License or NYS Non Driver ID.

This enhancement only requires that the user have a VALID photo id such as a US Passport, driver´s license, unexpired foreign passport, etc.

The user must first register for an account at https://apps.health.ny.gov/pub/usertop.html

The HCS Coordinator will add them to their organization just like they do now:

  • Select the organization and enter the HCS Id
  • Verify their Photo ID information and submit