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White Board Videos

New York State Medicaid Director, Jason Helgerson, discusses a variety of topics of the MRT Waiver Amendment Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program.




Bringing the Pieces Together: Attribution for Performance, Provider Counts By Service Type & Speed & Scale Templates

The following presentation has been developed to provide an overview of attribution, provider counts, and speed and scale templates with the most updated information from December 2014. The presentation also reiterates the next steps in moving through the DSRIP application.

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Community Needs Assessment Webinar

Part I

The following webinar is the first of two that will describe the community needs assessment process and its role in helping each PPS in the DSRIP Program in selecting appropriate projects.

Part II

The following webinar is the second half of a two part webinar series that details the steps and processes a PPS should take in carrying out their DSRIP Community Needs Assessment in order to help drive proper project selection in their DSRIP application.

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Data Sharing and Confidentiality Webinar

Your PPS´s DSRIP transformation over the next few years means taking into account the way in which you share data, and the way that this data is kept confidential. This webinar will provide a walkthrough of considerations and leading practices that you can use to reduce your risk and effectively develop IT Security for the years to come.

  • Data Sharing and Confidentiality Webcast (MP4, 63MB) November 2014
  • Data Sharing and Confidentiality – Slides (PDF)
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Flow of Funds Webinar

Determining how DSRIP funds flow within your PPS will be a crucial element of developing a successful, sustainable PPS. The DSRIP Funds Flow Webinar will give you insight into the potential options and considerations you will need to take into account when designing your funds flows.

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Performing Provider System Development Lifecycle: An Illustrative Example

The following webinar is designed to help interested parties understand the process of developing a Performing Provider System. In this webinar, New York State Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson uses an example of an imaginary safety net hospital as it develops a Performing Provider System call Health Partners Initiative (HPI). Jason shows the step–by–step process HPI takes through its DSRIP planning phase, culminating in a DSRIP Project Plan. Components include identification of partners for HPI, development of a governance structure, the use of the community needs assessment and how it was utilized to identify appropriate projects for HPI to undertake as well as the valuation process applied to the projects in the HPI Project Plan.

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Project Approval and Oversight Panel Meetings

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Project Design Grant Application Webinar

Another webinar was offered on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm on the DSRIP Project Design Grant application process. This webinar provided information on the application and addressed questions about the process. The webinar and the webinar slides are available below.

The Office of Health Insurance Programs hosted a DSRIP Project Design Grant application webinar on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 to review the application in detail. For those unable to participate, the webinar presentation and webinar recording are available for your review below.

**Please note that Section 10– the Project Advisory Committee (PAC), which was part of the main application in the May 6th webinar, has since become a separate file and portions of the section have been amended to provide emerging PPS with further clarity on the committee.

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Project Plan Application (Draft) and Scoring Guide Webinar

The following webinar completed by the Independent Assessor walks through the DSRIP Draft Project Plan Applications documents posted on 9/29/2014. These documents include 1) DSRIP PPS Organizational Application, 2) DSRIP Draft Project Plan Applications (Domain 2, 3, & 4), 3) Domain 1 DSRIP Project Requirements Milestones and Metrics, and 4) DSRIP Draft PPS Application Scoring Guide.

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Rapid Cycle Evaluation: Performance Management

The goal of DSRIP is to collectively create a future–proof, high–quality and financially sustainable care delivery system. An ideal to strive towards will be to become "in control" of the goals you set in your application, meeting or surpassing them. However, this is hard to accomplish for an individual organization, let alone for a cluster of organizations coming together in a PPS. This webinar will cover the foundations of developing the culture, processes, tools, and accountability to help you take control of the outcomes of your care.

  • Performance Management Webinar (MP4, 142MB) December 2, 2014
  • Performance Management – Slides (PDF)
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Scoring Summary Review Webinar

The following webinar completed by the Independent Assessor walks through Forestland PPS Scoring Summary, the prototype PPS Application. This webinar is aimed at providing a detailed explanation of the DSRIP Project Summary documents posted on 2/04/2015 and a refresher of PPS Project Plan review process in preparation for the PAOP panel review process scheduled for February 17–20, 2015.

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Workforce Strategy

In order for your organization to be successful in the new DSRIP environment, you must account for the many changes that project implementation will bring to your workforce – the very people who make it all happen. Your workforce will likely experience redeployment, retraining, and new staff onboarding, which are changes that may disrupt project implementation if not properly accounted for. This webinar will provide you with a baseline understanding of the key requirements within the Workforce Strategy section of the application, as well as a set of questions, considerations, resources, and strategies that can successfully guide your organization through DSRIP workforce planning and decision–making.

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