DSRIP Project Design Grant

Review of Common Issues

  • Webinar Slides is also available in Portable Document Format (PDF, 563KB)

John W. Gahan Jr., Director
Ben Babendreier
Haseeb Agha
Bureau of Vital Access Provider Reimbursement
Office of Health Insurance Programs


  1. New Partner Organization Contact Information form (Section 2.1)
  2. Review of common Design Grant Application questions
  3. Review of Design Grant Application technical issues
  4. Open Q&A


LOI / Partner Organization Contact Information (Section 2.1) Issue:

  • New Updated Section 2 Form on the DSRIP Website (Click here)
    • Separated into 4 sections (2.1-General provider types, 2.2-Other provider types, 2.3-Physicians, 2.4-Pharmacies).
    • Can use formatted LOI to copy/cut and paste information over for ease of use
    • Required fields: Opcert (or Agency Code), MMIS (Medicaid Provider number), NPI Number, Contact Info
    • Formatted LOI partner organization contact info for Emerging PPS
    • Emailed formatted LOIs to emerging PPS
    • Must transfer information from formatted LOI to updated Section 2 form
    • Edit and verify existing information

"Group" Lead applicants:

  • Lead applicant should only be one facility
  • If a group of facilities wishes to be the "lead", they must designate one facility as the lead and list the others as partner organizations in Section 2 as partners. You may describe how you plan to have a group lead and describe its organizational structure in Section 1.2 of the Design Grant Application.


Section 9: Planning Budget

  • How will the award amounts be determined using the budgets?
  • How will changes/adjustments to the budget be handled in the future?
  • What costs are eligible to be included?

Section 9: Capital Needs

  • What should be included in this section?
  • How much capital funding is available and how will the process work?

Section 10: Project Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • The FAQs say that a worker representative must be "elected" - what does this entail?
  • How does the alternate PAC structure work?
  • Are individual representatives required to be identified at this time?


Which Version of the application should I use? This is important for the drop down menus

Excel 2010 or 2013 - Use Version 1

Excel 2007 - Use Version 2

Excel 2003 - use Version 2. You MUST follow the Appendix D instructions for the drop-down menus very carefully!!

If your drop down menu responses are not those provided (see instructions) your application will be returned and must be resubmitted in the proper form.

Issues downloading the form:

  • Use a different Web Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)
  • Update Web browser
  • Run PC updates
  • Contact IT Department

Cut and paste issues

  • From word document to excel (Narrative sections)


Please submit questions through the chat box

Due to time constraints, we may not be able to answer each question