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Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP) Memo

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April 18, 2019

Subject: Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP) Evaluation

To: Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) Providers

Purpose: This memo is to provide additional clarification regarding evaluations conducted by OLPs within the context of CFTSS.

Dear Providers,

A "Licensed Evaluation" under the scope of practice for a Non-Physician Licensed Behavioral Health Practitioner (NP-LBHPs) under Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP) allows for the completion of a comprehensive assessment for the purpose of determining the conditions and/or symptoms needing to be ameliorated, functional limitations, diagnostic impressions, a formal diagnosis, and service needs to inform the treatment planning. Practitioners may also conduct clinical assessments during the course of services to obtain additional clinical information when new/emerging clinical issues are presented, to discern greater clarity or specificity regarding the child´s clinical needs, or when there may be indications of additional diagnosis(es). For example, this may include the application of an evidenced-based assessment tool to discern the presence of such issues as, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, etc. These assessments would inform the services provided to further effectiveness, determine continuing needs and identify additional or alternative services or interventions needed to attain goals.

Thus, in the context of CFTSS, "Licensed Evaluation" (or assessment) refers to two different processes - the initial comprehensive assessment which may include a diagnostic assessment; and the application of any additional assessments or clinical evaluation tools for the purpose of determining continuing needs to inform treatment planning. All assessments, whether comprehensive or periodic, must be documented, identify the methods and/or evaluation tools utilized (if applicable), provide justification for the treatment plan and its subsequent adjustments, and be included with the child/youth´s Health Record.

In instances where a child is engaged in ongoing psychotherapy with the OLP, the periodic assessment of progress and functioning needed to inform treatment planning, may be conducted through the routine counseling session/process depending on the level of complexity of need. When the treatment plan may need updating or altering based on findings during psychotherapy, a request by the child and/or family, or at regular service plan reviews; the practitioner can conduct these activities during the course of ongoing treatment without needing to consider it an assessment or evaluation. Although treatment plan reviews necessitate an appraisal of the child/youth´s progress, this would not require the completion of a comprehensive assessment thus may be conducted as a course of the clinical intervention.

Please note that the unit limits have been updated.

Service Component Billing Units Billing Unit Limit
OLP Licensed Evaluation 7900 15 Minutes 36 Units/Year

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