Diagnostic and Treatment Centers Electing to Contract for Procedures Subject to the Ancillary Policy

For additional information on the APG DTC Ancillary Policy: APG DTC Ancillary Policy.

Clinic Provider Contracting for   Date Removed from Contracting List
Labs Radiology Phone Labs Radiology
The Brookdale Family Care Center-Linden X X 718-240-5219    
The Brookdale Family Care Center -Flatbush X X 718-240-5219    
The Brookdale Family Care Center -New Lots X X 718-240-5219    
The Brookdale Family Care Center -Urban Strategies X X 718-240-5219    
Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes X X 607-796-0220 x 305    
Greene County Family Planning X X 518-719-3580    
Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center, Inc. X X 718-466-6072    
Medisys Family Care Ctr. (East NY) X X 718-206-6820    
Medisys Family Care Ctr. (Hollis-Tudor) X X 718-206-6820    
Medisys Family Care Ctr. (St. Albans) X X 718-206-6820    
Oswego Opportunities Inc. X X 315-598-4715 x1231    
Huntington Hospital Dolan Family Health Center X X 631-425-4182   2/1/2015
Onondaga County Department of Health X X 315-435-3685    
Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility (Family Planning) X X 315-435-3686    
All Med & Rehabilitation X X 718-866-0154    
Chautauqua County Health Department X X 716-753-4792 5/15/2013 5/15/2013
West Nassau Dialysis Center X   347-312-3029    
Springfield Dialysis Center X   347-312-3029    

Note: Please contact specific facilities for additional information. Sign up for the APG Website Electronic Mailing List to receive a notice when this list is updated. There are specific situations outlined in the APG DTC Ancillary policy when clinic providers not listed above can bill Medicaid for ancillary services and then pay ancillary services providers directly. It is never appropriate for both an ancillary services provider and a clinic to bill for an ancillary service. List addition or deletion requests should be sent to dtcffsunit@health.ny.gov, and questions about the ancillary policy should be sent to apg@health.ny.gov