3M Versions of the Definition Manual and Crosswalk

3M Definition Manual Versions with Effective Dates

Version Effective Date
v3.18.24.1 1/1/2024
v3.18.24.2 4/1/2024
Version Effective Date
v3.18.23.1 1/1/2023
v3.18.23.2 4/1/2023
v3.18.23.3 7/1/2023
v3.18.23.4 10/1/2023
Version Effective Date
v3.17.22.1 1/1/2022
v3.17.22.2 4/1/2022
v3.17.22.3 7/1/2022
v3.17.22.4 10/1/2022
Version Effective Date
v3.15.21.1 1/21/2021
v3.15.21.2 4/1/2021
v3.16.21.3 7/1/2021
v3.16.21.4 10/1/2021
Version Effective Date
v3.15.20.1 1/1/2020
v3.15.20.2 4/1/2020
v3.15.20.3 7/1/2020
v3.15.20.4 10/1/2020
Version Effective Date
v3.14.19.1 1/1/2019
v3.14.19.2 4/1/2019
v3.14.19.3 7/1/2019
v3.14.19.4 10/1/2019
Version Effective Date
v3.13.18.1 1/1/2018
v3.13.18.2 4/1/2018
v3.13.18.3 7/1/2018
v3.13.18.4 10/1/2018
Version Effective Date
v3.12.17.1 1/1/2017
v3.12.17.3 7/1/2017
Version Effective Date
v3.11.16.1 1/1/2016
v3.11.16.2 4/1/2016
v3.11.16.3 7/1/2016
Version Effective Date
v3.10.15.1 1/1/2015
v3.10.15.3 7/1/2015
v3.10.15.4 10/1/2015
Version Effective Date
v3.9.14.1 1/1/2014
v3.9.14.3 7/1/2014
v3.9.14.4 10/1/2014
Version Effective Date
v3.8.13.1 1/1/2013
v3.8.13.3 7/1/2013
v3.8.13.4 10/1/2013
Version Effective Date
v3.7.12.1 1/1/12012
v3.7.12.2 4/1/2012
v3.7.12.3 7/1/2012
v3.7.12.4 10/1/2012
Version Effective Date
v3.5.11.1 1/1/2011
v3.5.11.2 4/1/2011
v3.6 7/1/2011
v3.6.11.4 10/1/2011
Version Effective Date
v3.4.10.1 1/1/2010
v3.4.10.2 4/1/2010
v3.4.10.3 7/1/2010
v3.4.10.4 10/1/2010
Version Effective Date
v3.2.09.1 1/1/2009
v3.2.09.2 4/1/2009
v3.3.09.3 7/1/2009
v3.3.09.4 10/1/2009
Version Effective Date
v3.1 4/1/2008

3M Crosswalk

To access the 3M APG Crosswalk, you must first read and then accept the end user agreement. The EAPG Materials posted on this website are for educational and internal purposes only, and are not intended to serve as a substitute for EAPG classification with the 3M EAPG Software. Any use outside of educational purposes (including incorporating the 3M EAPG Crosswalk in any other product) is expressly prohibited without a license directly with 3M.

Note: The APG reimbursement methodology pre-existed New York State´s (NYS) APG implementation. The 4/1/2008 thru 7/1/2009 effective dates above are for the version of APG methodology and may not relate to NYS´ implementation dates for APGs. For NYS implementation dates of APGs, return to the APG Home page.