2009 APG Consolidation Logic

Version Effective Date Link
v3.2.09.1 1/1/2009 APG Consolidation v3.2.09.1 Jan 2009.pdf (PDF, 70KB, 28 pg.)
v3.2.09.2 4/1/2009 APG Consolidation v3.2.09.2 April 2009.pdf (PDF,72KB, 30pg.)
v3.3.09.3 7/1/2009 APG Consolidation v3.3.09.3 July 2009.pdf (PDF, 70KB, 28pg.)
v3.3.09.4 10/1/2009 APG Consolidation v3.3.09.4 Oct 2009.pdf (PDF, 70KB, 28pg.)

Note: The APG reimbursement methodology pre-existed New York State´s APG implementation. The 1/1/2009 through 7/1/2009 effective dates in the chart above are for this version of APGs and may not relate to the NYS implementation dates of APGs. For New York State implementation dates for APGs, return to the APG Home page.