Rate Notification Process

HCS Account Establishment and Hospital Program Applications Access

Hospitals will be notified of a rate change (statewide updates or facility specific appeal requests) using the Health Commerce System (HCS). The HCS is a secure online communications system for web-based transactions with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). It supports the exchange of routine and emergency statewide health information by local health departments and health facilities, providers and practitioners.

  1. To access the information on the HCS, providers require the following:
    1. An HCS account.

      For assistance obtaining a NYSDOH HCS account or if you have problems accessing your HCS account (such as due to an expired password), please refer to the following for contact information
      • Providers are required to provide a correct and up to date email address for the HCS account. It is the HCS user´s responsibility to keep their email address on their account current.
    2. Access to the Hospital Program Applications on the HCS.

      Once the HCS account has been established, providers will need to complete the Division of Finance and Rate Setting (DFRS) Access form to be granted access to the Hospital Program Applications. The DFRS access form can be found on the HCS, however, it has also been posted here: (Web) - (PDF)
      • For assistance obtaining access to the Hospital Program Applications on the HCS, please send an email to HospFFSUnit@health.ny.gov.
Statewide and Facility Specific Appeal Notifications

Providers will be notified via email that information has been posted to the HCS using the email address associated with their HCS account and Program Application.

  • The email will provide step-by-step directions for accessing the information.