Radioactive Materials Licensing

10 NYCRR Part 16 and Appendices

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Radioactive Materials Licensing Guides

(additional guides are available on other license types please call for more information)

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Annual Fees

In most cases, when more than one fee category applies the only highest applicable category will be assessed, however certain categories such as Teletherapy and R&D are always "add-ons". 10 NYCRR 16.41 lists fees for all license types. The following table lists some common license types and the appropriate fees. Please contact this office to clarify the proper fee to include with your application.

The appropriate annual fee must be received with the license application or the application will be returned.

Category Fee Example licenses
Category I: $5,265 Medical Broadscope
Category II: $3,510 Academic Broadscope
Category III: $1,400 Nuclear Pharmacy, Brachytherapy AND Nuclear Medicine
Category IV: $ 880 Nuclear Medicine (Nuclear Cardiology), Teletherapy, R&D, Academic
Category V: $ 350 Clinical Laboratory, Mobile Imaging Equipment Service
Category VI: $ 50 Gas chromatograph