Pools and Recreational Aquatic Spray Grounds

Public swimming pools are regulated under Subpart 6-1 of the New York State Sanitary Code and recreational aquatic spray grounds under Subpart 6-3. This means they must meet specific health and safety requirements and are permitted and inspected by local health departments.

For more information on designing novel swim structures in natural bodies of water, see Guidance on Acceptable Water Quality and Design of a Novel Bathing Facility (PDF).

When Visiting a Public Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, or Spray Ground

  • Pay attention to safety signs, rules, and depth markings at the facility.
  • Rinse off before swimming.
  • Avoid swimming if water is cloudy or discolored. You should always be able to see the drain at the bottom of a swimming pool.
  • Always supervise children, even at a facility with lifeguards.
  • Take children on frequent bathroom breaks and change diapers in the bathhouse.
  • Don’t drink pool water or water from spray features.
  • Don't use facilities if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Pay attention to special warnings at spas and hot tubs, especially for small children and people with certain medical conditions.
  • Never swim in a public pool if it’s closed.

Information for Pool Owners

Pool safety at home should be a priority. Take steps so that you don’t put yourself or others at risk.

  • Ensure your pool is inaccessible to children unless an adult is directly supervising them.
  • Follow New York State Uniform Code requirements for proper fencing, pool alarms, and anti-entrapment drain covers, as well as any other applicable local regulations.
  • Remember your pool chemical safety.
  • If you are not renting out your entire home, don’t rent out your backyard pool unless you’ve obtained a public pool permit from your local health department.