Weathering the Storm

Don't Be Left in the Dark is a booklet intended for homeowners and others who want to prepare for power outages and other consequences of severe weather events, such as hurricanes.

It contains information on:

Preparing for the Storm or Outage

  • What to Have on Hand
  • About Your Food Supply
  • About Emergency Generators

During the Storm or Outage

  • In the Event of a Flood
  • Keeping Warm
  • Using Other Heating Sources
  • Using Water Safely
  • Food Safety
  • Cooking when the Power Goes Out
  • If You Have to Leave Your Home
  • Before You Evacuate
  • When You're on the Road
  • Emergency Car Kit

Recovering from the Storm

  • What Food is Still Good?
  • Cleaning Up After a Flood
  • Excess Moisture and Indoor Air Quality
  • Using Cleaners and Disinfectants Wisely

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