Aware Prepare Information - Be Aware and Prepared!

In an Emergency, Know Where to Go, What to Do, Who to Call

If faced with an actual emergency that threatened your health and safety, would you know what to do? Do you and those in your home have what they need to respond quickly and in the right way?

Put Together an Emergency Supply Kit

Now is your chance to answer these questions and prepare your household-so that you will be ready no matter what happens. Having the right supplies on hand can make life easier during a power outage, flood, storm, or other emergency. Even though you would probably be able to leave your home, you should set aside a supply of food, water, and other essentials that would last from three to seven days.

Make a Plan and Practice It

Take time now to create a family emergency preparedness plan. Then, practice your plan with your family every six months, sometimes with the lights out. In an emergency, the electricity may be off.

Know These Things to Stay Safe

Make sure everybody in your home knows where you keep your emergency supplies and your first aid kit. Make sure you have a battery-operated radio or TV with extra batteries in case the power goes out. Know which radio and TV station(s) can give you up-to-date local information. Know the best escape route from each room of your house and where family members will meet in case they can't get home. Know your community's public alert system and your child's school emergency plan. Knowledge is power.

If the electricity has gone off or a storm is raging outside, there are things that you and your family must do to stay safe. Please take the time to explore this Web page and learn more.

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