Exercise Program for Falls Prevention (CAREx)

What is the Exercise Program for Falls Prevention Intervention?

This multi media program contained on DVDs uses a combination of staff and family training and a physical exercise program for residents to prevent falls. The staff training provides education needed for long term care nursing staff to understand and appropriately address falls that frequently occur with elderly individuals and especially those with cognitive impairment. In addition to staff and family training, which is used to assess the risk of falls, this program includes an exercise program for residents called CAREx. The CAREx exercise system includes calming and relaxing exercise routines derived from Tai chi and Qi gong exercises. The sense of calmness that comes with performing Tai chi and Qi gong can assist with behavior. The exercise routines are also designed to improve functional strength and balance. This combination of improved physical strength and mental calmness can reduce the risk of falls and improve the quality of life for residents.

How to obtain copies of the DVDs used in this intervention

  • Go to www.beechwoodcare.org
  • Send an email request to the address listed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Include your name, address, phone number and email address in the request.

Information Available on the DVDs

  • Fall Prevention Staff Training
  • The CAREx Leader Training
  • The CAREx Exercise Program
  • DVD sample clip seen here:

Important Elements for a successful program

  • Prior to beginning this program copies of the DVDs must obtained per the instructions above.
  • PDFs of the staff training modules can be found as links in the In-service for Staff Training.
  • Additional CAREx leadership training workshops are available through www.learningpartners2.com

Additional Information on the Falls Prevention Program

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