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In 2018, New York State made the commitment to eliminate hep C. Hep C is a virus that infects the liver. Most people with hep C do not even know they have it. Left untreated, hep C can cause serious health effects and even death. However, today there are treatments available that cure hep C with few side effects.

Click on resources below to learn about hep C and what you can do to help New York State eliminate hep C:

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Get the Facts

You can view and share these videos to learn about hep C and how it is diagnosed and treated.

Videos to Share

Or read these factsheets to find out what hep C is, how you can get tested for hep C and how hep C is treated.

Our Stories

We know about Hep C. Learn from our personal stories.

Hear our stories of challenge and triumph over hep C. Listen as we tell you how we are helping to eliminate hep C in New York State, and learn how you can help too.

We Cure Hep C. Learn why treating Hep C is important to us:

Listen as we tell you how we are helping to treat and eliminate hep c in NY state, and learn how you can help too.

Help Eliminate Hep C

You can help New York State eliminate hep C. Find out how:

Spread the Word

Do you need resources to help spread awareness about Hep C? Use these.

NY Cures Hep C Tool Kit. The only way NY can eliminate hep C is if New Yorkers help us to spread the word. Use this multi-media tool kit to promote hep C awareness, prevention, and treatment in New York State.

Hold a Cure Day. New York State Hepatitis C Cure Day is an annual event during May for National Hepatitis Awareness Month. Cure Day is an opportunity to celebrate those cured of hep C, encourage those at risk to be tested, and motivate patients to initiate or continue their treatment. Use the Cure Day Tool Kit to host, promote and celebrate Hepatitis C Cure Day.

Educational and Promotional Materials. View, print and order from a selection of hep C posters, fact sheets, palm cards, counseling pads, and other materials available from the New York State Department of Health.

Baby boomer testing law. Did you know baby boomers are five times more likely to have hep C? The NYS Hepatitis C Testing Law requires a hep C screening test to be offered to every individual born between 1945 and 1965. If you are a baby boomer and haven't been tested, speak to your doctor about getting tested.

Share your Hep C Story! If you are considering treatment or you have already been cured, celebrate your cure with your friends and family. Share your story with your peers and people you know may be at risk for hep C. Share your story online with #NYCuresHepC and tell us how hep C has affected your life. Your story could motivate others to get tested or seek treatment.

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