Integrated Care Workgroup

Workgroup Overview

Beginning in 2015, this workgroup met monthly under the following charge:

  • Establish eligibility criteria, metrics, and milestones for Advanced Primary Care (APC) model.
  • Align Medicaid DSRIP projects, PCMH programs, ACO development, SIM initiatives and APC.
  • Define and develop primary care practice transformation support.
  • Define value-based payment options and recommend payment models to be adopted across payers in support of APC.

Workgroup Materials

Integrated Care Workgroup Meeting Materials

Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • APC Score Card Update
  • New York State of Transformation: Panel Discussion on CMMI RFI
  • Governance
  • Going Forward: Purchasers, Payers, Patients, and Providers
  • Practice Transformation Tracking System (PTTS)
  • Facilitated Discussion on ICWG’s Key Findings
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Governance Proposal
  • Update on payer engagement; Summary of recent payer-purchasing meeting
  • APC and Other Updates
  • Scorecard Update
  • Facilitated Discussion
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • NEBGH Update on Payer Advisory Council
  • DFS Support of APC Investments
  • Next Steps post RFI: 1on1 Plan Meetings and MOU Development
  • CPC+ Update and Crosswalk
  • Consumer Engagement Update
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Health Plan RFI: Status and Responses
  • Discussion on RFI Reponses
  • New York State's Population Health Improvement Program (PHIP) Overview
  • NYC PHIP Update
  • Consumer Engagement Strategy
  • APC Score Card Update
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • DFS Update
  • APC Model for 2017: structural and performance milestones,
  • Independent Validation Agent
  • APC/CMS Score Card Alignment
  • IPRO Score Card Update
  • SIM/TCPI/DSRIP Alignment
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Update on APC scorecard
  • Milestones update: performance milestones, structural milestones details, behavioral health update
  • APC alignment with other programs: APC/TCPI alignment, TA database and workforce efforts on care managers,
  • Governance update
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Updates on model: performance milestones and behavioral health
  • Approach to gate determination,
  • Update on APC scorecard
  • Discussion of payer and provider business cases
  • APC working model for 2016
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Medicaid alignment with APC
  • Practice Transformation Technical Assistance (including oversight/TCPI alignment)
  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Updates on stakeholder engagement
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Updates to the APC Model: Capabilities and Milestones,
  • Integration of allied programs into APC:NCQA, TCPI, CPCI, MAPCP, DSRIP
  • Updates on stakeholder engagement (payer focus)
  • Updates on Core Measures and PT RFP
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Progress of APC since July 31st
  • Demonstration of a primary care practice's path through APC Milestones
  • Approaches to payer and provider alignment to facilitate a successful and timely APC roll-out
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Feedback from NEBGH and provider listening sessions
  • Core Measures Follow-up
  • Alternative Payment Models/Payment Model Straw-Person
  • Transformation RFP Decision Points/Straw-person
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Revised APC Tiers
  • Integration of Integrated Care
  • Common Measure Set for APC
  • Payment Models Discussion
  • Practice Transformation RFP
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • APC Straw-Person Revised
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Common Measure Set for APC
  • Payment Models Discussion
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • SIM Common Measure Set
  • Creation of the initial SHIP scorecard
  • APC Discussion
  • Measurement and APC
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Context and Re-Orientation
  • Developed the Integrated Care Workgroup Charge to achieve the Triple Aim.
  • Developed the APC Straw-Person model from the eyes of the consumer, provider and payer
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Update on PTN/TCPI initiatives since last meeting
  • Creation of the initial APC Straw-Person
Topics Discussed: (PDF)
  • Overview of the current landscapes of primary care reforms and payment innovations.
  • Goals for the next 6-12 months and the short term deliverables
  • Plan for achieving long term reform