Demographic Data

When doing tracking, other data about the population is helpful to explore possible trends in environmental health. For example, census data can provide information about population income, race or occupation which might also play a role in a higher incidence of disease of a particular area.

New York State

Vital Statistics
This is the main page for access to tables of statistical information from NY State birth, death, divorce, and marriage records presented by year. Technical notes and information for obtaining records is also provided.

Data Source: Vital Records
Geographical area: Mostly NY State, some tables for New York City/NY State excluding New York City and county.

Municipal Profiles – New York State Office of Real Property Services
This web site provides information on property including tax rates and levy data, equalization information, distribution of parcels by property class, assessment of equity statistics, median sales, etc. Searchable by various levels of geography.

Data source: NYS Office of Real Property Services
Geographical area: State, county, city, town, village


American FactFinder – U.S. Census Bureau
Accesses data from the Censuses of Population and Housing, the American Community Survey, and the Economic Census. Users can search Census databases and create customized tables (or download to spreadsheets) or create maps.

Data source: 2000 Census
Geographical area: State, county, city, town, census tract, census block group, census block, congressional district, metropolitan statistical area, ZIP code tabulation area (3-digit and 5 digit)