What Reviewer's said about Wayne County's Community Health Assessment (CHA)

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"Pleasure to review - provides much insight into Wayne County. Very usable in present form, easy to follow. Very well written."

"Excellent review of county statistics and comparisons to other rural counties; included charts on strengths and weaknesses of four areas: cardiovascular, lung cancer, mortality and intentional injury mortality."

In Section 1B: Access to Care Issues . . . "Good discussion of managed care issues and barriers to care; problems of migrant workers and seasonal vs. non-seasonal; impact of pesticides; and reasons why early preventive care is not sought."

Section 1D: Local Health Care Environment . . . "Good discussion again of the problems of a rural farming community and the impact of employers in the area."

"Gave an excellent description of organization and expertise in Section 2. Gave an honest, detailed description of capacity of LHU and plans to address some areas in need of improvement." "Comprehensive appendix - very specific for each provider." "Good analysis of unmet needs for services based on the data and barriers to care previously identified. Good discussion of need for STD/HIV clinic, and of inmate population." "Priorities identified for county built from review and analysis of data. Very creative set of priorities identified that really focus on county needs."

"In Section 5, Opportunities for Action, use of a table consolidate this section into a single page. Involved all community resources in the action plan."