About Mortality Data

The mortality data included in this report come from two separate registration districts - New York City and New York State Exclusive of New York City. We would like to acknowledge the Vital Records Office of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Vital Records Office of the New York State Department of Health for sharing their mortality data with us.

Cancer death rates shown here might differ slightly from those in the official reports released by the Vital Records Offices due to differences in population estimates. For this report, death rates were calculated using the Vintage 2020 annual population estimates, which incorporate adjustments of previous population estimates based on the actual 2010 census results. Annual cancer death rates reported by the Vital Records Offices are, instead, based on population estimates available at the time when each annual report is produced, and the rates for earlier death years that have already been posted are not re-calculated using revised population estimates.