Indoor Tanning Tip Card

Your skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

  • UV radiation harms your skin.
  • Your skin produces pigment to defend against the UV radiation.
  • This defense gives your skin its tanned look.

So why is this bad?

Let’s keep it short: UV radiation hurts you. It may cause cancer.

But it makes my skin look great, right?

Nope. It gives you wrinkles, saggy skin, age spots, and (if you need surgery), scars.

Is a “base tan” real?

Nope. Damage does not protect against more damage.

Isn’t indoor tanning safer?

Nope. Both kinds of tanning expose you to dangerous UV radiation. And actually, tanning beds, booths, and lamps are way more intense than the sun.

I don't tan too much. Do I need to worry?

Yup, you do. If you tan even once, your risk of a deadly skin cancer (called melanoma) increases.

So I could get cancer and wrinkles. Are there more reasons I shouldn’t tan?


  • You can get a skin infection (similar to genital warts!) from a dirty tanning bed.
  • Tanning can cause eye problems like infection, cancer, and even vision loss.
  • If you’re younger than 18 it’s illegal to indoor tan.
  • And many more.

Ok, how can I protect myself?

  • Don’t tan, indoors or out! Just don’t do it. True beauty is your natural skin.
  • Cover up, and use sunscreen!
  • Stay in the shade when you can.