Nursing Home Administrator

The practice of nursing home administration means planning, organizing, directing and managing the operation, as well as implementing the policies of a nursing home. This includes but is not limited to making operating decisions, ensuring fiscal responsibility, providing general supervision, employing and discharging staff, programming and ongoing evaluation of the care and services provided in the nursing home to ensure the health and safety of the residents, visitors and staff and, where appropriate, integrating the services of the nursing home with the community's health resources. Nursing home administrators are, in effect, the chief executive officers of health care organizations and, as such, are responsible for the health, safety and well-being of the most vulnerable New Yorkers. In New York State, no nursing home shall operate unless it is under the supervision of an administrator who holds a currently valid nursing home administrator's license and registration. Click on the Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Program link on the navigation menu for more information.