Important Safety Alert to Pharmacies

New York State Department of Health - Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement

Since the fall of 2008, a male suspect has robbed two New York City pharmacies at gunpoint, demanding Oxycodone, Methadone, and/or other narcotics, and then has fled the scene. No persons were injured during these robberies.

Pharmacists involved in these incidents have reported that a caller contacted their pharmacies prior to the robberies, inquiring whether the pharmacy stocked a quantity of Oxycodone and/or Methadone sufficient to fill a large prescription for these drugs.

Any pharmacy in Manhattan receiving a similar phone inquiry should, if possible, attempt to record the caller's phone number and then immediately contact the MANHATTAN ROBBERY SQUAD at 212-614-6775. The Squad has 24-hour response capability.

Any attempted diversion of controlled substances in the metropolitan New York area should also be reported to the BUREAU OF NARCOTIC ENFORCEMENT at 212-417-4103.

Important Notice to All New York State Pharmacies:

Pharmacies should be aware that organized drug diversion rings may be operating throughout New York State. The Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement works closely with state and local law enforcement agencies to combat illegal drug diversion and sale.

Pharmacies that receive a telephone inquiry as described above should contact their local law enforcement agency. Pharmacies must also report any diversion or attempted diversion of controlled substances to the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement at 866-811-7957 (Option 5). For regional contact information, please visit the Bureau's website at