New York State Trauma Registry

The New York State Trauma Registry Data Dictionary is a guidebook developed jointly by the Department, STAC Data Registry Subcommittee, and SUNY Albany School of Public Health. Trauma centers in NYS are required to collect information regarding seriously injured patients who meet certain International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9) codes. Each of the fields in the Data Dictionary describes identifying characteristics including field name, definition, acceptable values, data source, type, etc. Also included is whether or not the field is required to be reported to the NYSTR. This Data Dictionary is an evolving work in progress and any suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Ask A Colleague

The following experienced trauma registrars/trauma program managers are available to speak with regarding any questions you may have pertaining to the trauma registry:

  • Cristy Meyer, MSN, RN, CEN, TCRN (Utilizes Trauma One/ESO)
    Trauma Program Manager
    Northshore University Hospital
    PHONE: (516) 562-2848
  • Kaitlyn Kraham (utilizes Lancet/ESO)
    Trauma Registrar
    Bassett Medical Center
    PHONE: (607) 547-3097
  • Mary Ives (utilized NTRACS)
    Trauma Registrar
    St. Elizabeth Medical Center
    PHONE: (315) 798-8154

Guidelines for Submitting Data to the New York State Trauma Registry

  • Submissions are routinely made on a quarterly basis through the Health Commerce System to the e-mail address "traumagroup":
    • First Quarter discharges (January, February, March) are due July 1st of the year.
    • Second Quarter discharges (April, May, June) are due October 1st of the year.
    • Third Quarter discharges (July, August, September) are due January 1st of the following year.
    • Fourth Quarter discharges (October, November, December) are due April 1st of the following year.
  • Following the end of a quarter, when data entry for all the cases discharged during that quarter is complete, the cases for that quarter are routinely batched and submitted as a single submission. Only submit cases you have deemed to be complete. If for some reason you need to submit your quarterly batch while one or more cases is still incomplete, do so, without including the incomplete case(s).

What to do With Incomplete Records or Records You Have Modified After You Have Done Your Quarterly Submission

  • Situation #1: There is an incomplete case which was not included in your last quarterly submission. You have now completed it, and you want to submit it to us. Submit this case as a separate submission. Please DO NOT re-submit your entire submission for the quarter. Label your submission "Additional completed case(s) for quarter X".
  • Situation #2: You have made a correction or update to a completed case (or cases) which was already submitted in a previous submission. Please submit this case (or cases) as a separate submission. Please DO NOT re-submit your entire submission for that quarter. Label your submission "Updated case(s) for quarter X".

Numbers Matter!

  • Please submit each record to the registry with the medical record number that has been reported to SPARCS. This will enable a more automated process for matching registry data to SPARCS data. Because of the discrepancies we have identified, some of the matching has had to be done manually. This cannot be sustained over the long term. If for some reason your process does not allow for this, this will be reflected in the number of unreported cases you will receive in your SPARCS lists.