Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Committee

NYS EMSC Advisory Committee Members

The purpose of the New York State Emergency Medical Services for Children Advisory Committee (EMSCAC) is: (1) to advise the Commissioner of Health, the Department of Health, the State Emergency Medical Services Council, the State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee, and the State Trauma Advisory Committee regarding all aspects of emergency medical services for children in New York State. This includes, but is not limited to, pediatric emergency medical, trauma, and disaster care; and the care of maltreated children and children with special health care needs; and, (2) to promulgate guidelines related to any of these areas, which do not have the force and effect of law unless adopted as rules by the State Hospital Review and Planning Council subject to approval by the Commissioner of Health.

Committee Members

  • Pediatric Primary Care Physician - Kevin Albert, MD
  • Pediatric Critical Care Physician - Elise van der Jagt, MD, MPH (Committee Vice-Chair)
  • Pediatric Surgeon - Arthur Cooper, MD, MS (Committee Chair)
  • Pre-hospital Provider - Sharon Chiumento, BSN, EMT-P
  • Pre-hospital Provider - Jason D. Haag, EMT-P
  • Pre-hospital Provider - DAC Joseph Pataky, EMT-P
  • Pre-hospital Provider - Douglas Hexel, EMT-P
  • Pediatric Critical Care Physician - Edward Conway, Jr., MD, MS
  • Pediatric Critical Care Physician - Pamela Feuer, MD
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Nurse - Bruce Barry, Jr., BSN, RN, EMT-P
  • Pediatric Surgeon - Jose Prince, MD
  • Pediatric Psychiatrist - Jennifer Havens, MD
  • Pediatric Toxicologist Physician - Vincent Calleo, MD
  • Hospital Administrator - Vacant
  • School Nurse - Vacant
  • Pediatric Emergency Medical Services Physician - Matthew Harris, MD
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician - Vacant*
  • Emergency Medicine Physician - Tiffany Bombard, MD
  • Parent of a Previously Ill or Injured Child (FAN) - Nickol O’Toole, EMT-P
  • Parent of Child with Special Healthcare Needs (FAN) - Vacant*
  • Pediatric Critical Care Nurse - Vacant

* Indicates the position is currently undergoing the vetting process for appointment

EMSC Committee Executive Secretary & Program Manager

  • Amy Eisenhauer
    New York State Department of Health, Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems
    875 Central Avenue
    Albany, NY 12206-1388
    (518) 485-5907