MHSA Interventions by Impact - Goal 1.1

Goal 1.1: Promote mental, emotional and behavioral (MEB) well-being in communities
NOTE: Mental Emotional Behavioral (MEB) disorder prevention includes substance abuse prevention and other MEB disorder prevention.
Levels of Health Impact Pyramid * Interventions
Counseling and Education
  • Support identifying and building nurturing environments.
  • Build community supports and services that facilitate social connectedness including integration and access to quality preventive and treatment services.
Clinical Interventions
  • Implement evidence-based practices for Mental Emotional Behavioral (MEB) health promotion intervention that support positive development and healthy lifestyles.
  • Support the mental health and parenting skills of parents.
Long-Lasting Protective Interventions
  • Practice appropriate evidence-based preventive strategies for settings such as supporting positive parenting practices.
  • Support integration of evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions.
Changing the Context to Make Individuals' Decisions Healthy
  • Advocate addressing the common protective factors, such as parent engagement and social connectedness, and risk factors for mental, emotional and behavioral well-being and disorder prevention such as poverty and exposure to violence.
  • Work with other sectors to support quality education and affordable quality housing.
Socioeconomic Factors
  • Measure and make available local and State data on MEB well-being and MEB disorder prevention to increase transparency and quality on practice.
  • Support integration of prevention and treatment across the life span.

* Frieden T., "A Framework for Public Health Action: The Health Impact Pyramid". American Journal of Public Health. 2010; 100(4): 590-595